Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

First Merkava finished


The first Merkava is already finished!

Supporting the IDF infantry units with a lot of impressive firepower (120 mm canon, 2 light and one .50cal MGs and one 60 mm mortar), it is a combat machine, made both for long range combat and urban warfare.

  This particual model, released by the german model manufacturer Revell - and as I came to know, obviously a prototype of an Merkava III turret mounted on a Merkava I or II body - has been updated by me with an anti-slip surface and additional package, which traditionally is really heavy on IDF tanks.

The nearly finished tank was airbrushed by a friend of mine, who also painted(!!) the markings and Identifier on the tanks front and rear mud flaps. Wanna see some of his other work? Try those links (German language):

Jagdtigers Germans
Jagdtigers Commissions
Jagdtigers Canadians
Jagdtigers Modern Russians
Jagdtigers Lord of the Rings miniatures

To ensure most accurate unit, platoon and battalion markings, I had to do a lot of internet research, but finally succeeded in giving the unit a proper marking. I just forgot to put markings on the turret baskets and the stripe on the top of the barrel. Still I am happy that the unit has turned out so well. Next tanks will be updated with those missing markings. I promise!

But well ... enough talk. Let's enjoy the pictures:

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