Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

Aggressive feelings - I guess, I really will make some orphans soon!


So – another (not so well done) update. I know, I am not the best English writer, but nevertheless I want to tell this whole story …

After painting for around one week (every day two hours or so), I managed to finish the next six men of my IDF paratrooper group and started to paint another 12 men.
Due to the fact, that I was away for nearly three weeks, I was really proud of what I had done. Well, I was …
Last thing I had to do was applying a wash on the miniatures and to seal it with mat lacquer. A procedure every miniature wargamers equipment should be able to handle. Well, mine wasn’t.

When I started to apply the wash, the result looked like this:

True story. Those IDF guys weren’t IDF paratrooper any more. They looked more like Navy seals, bathed in sludge. No idea about the problem. Maybe, the water, I used to dilute the wash, froze during the process. Or maybe I agitated the bottle and the color disintegrated into all its pigments. No Idea. But whatever it was, it nearly made me kill someone. All six miniatures were totally covered by this thin bluegreen layer, and when I tried to reduce the effect by applying another layer of the original colors, it just showed through.
It totally drove me into desperation.  So, I tried to apply a layer of very diluted black. Thank the Goddess – it worked.

Sadly, those guys now look like they have ran into an two thousand-watt bulb, but for me it was better than to be forced to paint them all again.

But, you may have guessed, the world wasn’t done throwing me into the abyss of despair.

As my „rescue attempt“ went on, I realized the IDF units to be somehow shining. So I applied the mat lacquer, a very good Games Workshop lacquer, took the figures, went down to the cellar, sprayed the lacquer on the miniatures, went back up, made something to eat, played a few rounds world of tanks, went back down, had a look at those miniatures, and just rammed my head into the next wall.
THOSE DAM*** F****** miniatures were shining like an activated light sabre. Man, what the hell is wrong with those miniatures?!!

The following blowup will be covered by this piece of music.

Okay, when I was finished being aggressive, I contemplated the problem and finally reached the conclusion, that I just started the whole process of applying the mat lacquer once again, but heat up both the lacquer and miniatures around half an hour prior to this attempt.
So, put it all onto my radiator, checking every five minutes to ensure the lacquer doesn’t get too hot, then ran down to the cellar again …

… and applied the lacquer as if it would froze any minute. I waited an hour, then I just went down and had another look.
This time, 90 percent of the shining surface were gone. Thank the Goddess again.

Well, enough talking. Here are the pictures. The first picture is a shot I took a few minutes after the first applying of the mat lacquer. I know, bases haven’t been finished yet. I will do this, when I finished more IDF troops.


Next update in progress. 



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