Montag, 26. November 2012

IDF Update: Hello, my precious Lady ... (WIP)


okay, I have to admit: it sounds greater than it is in real. This time I present a work in progress of another IDF female.

No, not this one, but a little work, I have been busy with for at least a few days.

I am not finished with the ladys base and I have to apply mat lacquer. And I am not really satisfied with the hair and of course not with the face. But I guess I am on an good way so far.

We will see.

I will post another update, when this lady is finished!

Next lady will be a redhead.

No, not this one ...

Take care



  1. I´ve already noticed your project at Sweetwater, but not until I got deeper into Force-on-force I strangely felt drawn to it. Okay yet I´ve devoted my self to "Ambush Valley", but as the implementation drag behind my ideas it will last some month...
    A very special wargaming theme but Hey! Keep it up.

  2. Hi,

    I am still have to do a lot of work, but It is proceeding ;-D

    Thanks for your comment and good luck with your FoF project!