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The Stargazer - an indestructible soldier, but a broken man

Now it is time to start the Warhammer 40k section of this blog. Most of my story readers will probably recognize the meaning of the blogs name “Stargazers Elysium”, but for all who are not common with the term I used to name my blog, I suggest the following explanation:

The Stargazer, named Colonel Galardin Alberic Ekko, is the main protagonist of one of my longer story lines, an Imperial Guard Colonel, broken by his past and eager to be cleansed from this brutal world.

But as his own will and a lot of his comrades try to keep him alive, he generally survives his often spectacular suicide attempts, being a hero and leader for all his men.

The story of Colonel Ekko and his Regiment began in 2009, when I happened to start my first unit of imperial Cadians in order to start my Imperial Guard army. From then on, my force grow up to today, where it consists of two main sections which form the 717. Regiment Sera. An regiment suited for both airborne and ground combat operations, consisting of Elysian Drop Troops, Cadian Assault Troops, Storm Troopers, Tank Hunters, Self-Propelled Artillery, MTB and APCs and so on.

As I have been an author hobbyist since I was in school (back then, when the world seemed a little bit nicer and not so cold and brutal ;-D), I couldn’t just create an army (an interesting fact: a lot of younger people happen to do a background story for their tabletop army). So the idea of Colonel Ekko and his Regiment popped into my mind. At first, my intention was to create a brutal 40k universe, but then it came more and more clear that I liked it to take a more humorous way. So, Colonel Ekko the Stargazer became a hard and brutal, but also funny character, who has his own view not just on the world of Warhammer 40k, but also on modern culture.

Today, the Stargazer is my most successful story (despite the fact it is not finished), and as a new chapter is about to be published (by January I think), it was about time to integrate the story and its miniature section into this blog.

Due to the fact that the story is written in German and is just a fan project, I guess a lot of people from other countries will find it very hard to read it. Well, for those fellows I will update the Stargazer section with pictures of the 717. Regiment Sera and background information for both the regiment and the characters.
So stay tuned: More is about to come.

In the name of the Throne! Let the Chaos begin! :-D

Stargazer - Eine Fangeschichte aus dem Warhammer 40k-Universum

Take care

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