Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

Basing tutorial - Part II - Try and Error ...

Hi, folks!

Todays topic will be try and error.

After the bases had a bit time to get dry, I decided to finish the first step of the tutorial and apply a primer to the miniatures.
The outcome was … quite interesting. Before I start the first paint job I would like to give you a little glimpse of what happend to some of the bases.

The first picture is – no, not walking like an Egyptian - but an advancing Elysian. As you can see this is how it should work: the sand and its coat made up a very clear structure that looks quite nice.

German Kampfschwimmer – the miniature I used yesterday to show how the whole basing thing works. The cast I applied to the base works quite well, but I guess I have to think about the colors I want to use to paint it …

Elysian readying his gun – the base looks quite good, but as you can see, the sand doesn't envelop the right boot completely. Detail shots uncover such little mistakes easily, so we will need more sand or gras later on.

German Kampfschwimmer in fireing position – here you can see that the sand has lumped and formed a few little “hills” which may look great but are very bad to paint later on. (And also looks more like mud in the end)

Two Red Devils – here you can see the difference between a well glued sand base and good working prime coat on the right figure and a failed attempt to glue the sand on the base and too much primer on the left figure.

Red Devil paratrooper - Face palm version. Shall I loose a word? This attempt to create a sand base worked so wrong it will take a lot of sand and basing material to cover this failure. As it will be an western europe setting this miniature is used for we can overlook the outcome, but for a desert or steppe base it would be a no-go. (In my opinion)
But quite lucky in the circumstances, you can see the waves/faults I talked about in the first tutorial. When those come out well (better than my version did), they look quite nice on the base.

The first miniature to be based will be a British Paratrooper of WWII on an earth base.

So stay tuned ;-D


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