Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

Female Inquisitor - Basing Tutorial Update ... burned earth

Hi folks,

have been busy for a longer time so it took me a while to finish my next miniature. This time it is a female inquisitor, originally the Tentiente of the Armada from Freebooters Fate.

To give her a proper base, I decided to paint the base in colors suitable for a burned earth setting. The whole painting progress was similar to the painting of the earth base, but differs in some points, which I want to outline just shortly.

1. I coated the base with Citadel Abaddon Black. Then I just drybrushed and washed/shaded the base with:
2. Layer: Citadel Codex Grey
3. Wash: Citadel Nuln Oil
4. Layer: Citadel Steel Legion Drab (or another sand/ earth color applied in small areas)
5. Layer: Citadel Codex Grey (yes - a second time)
6. Layer: Panzer Aces White as final highlight

After that, I glued some gras to the base and dry brushed it with a bit of black, grey and white in order to give it a more burned appearance.

Next tutorial will be the sand bases.

Mavet Me'shamaim!


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