Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

Kaiser and Coals!

Salvete Comrades!

Inspired by the Kaiser Wilhelm miniature of fellow blogger Nadav Igra and an after action report of a modern warfare sea battle in a German miniatures forum (and because I am very interested in international military history) I decided to start my own little fleet of ships. As starting force I purchased a little battle group of the Kaiserliche Marine, consisting of

1x battlecruiser  SMS von der Tann
2x light cruisers: 1x SMS Emden, 1x SMS Elbing
and 3x Torpedo-boats of the B 97 class.
All units are GHQ 1/2400 models.

As you can imagine, the first unit has been finished already. It is the von der Tann, the battlecruiser and the biggest ship in the fleet - a quite detailed model for its size and it was a lot of work but also fun to paint it.

The water was way of a challenge for me as I had never done water before - but despite the sea state that indicates that the weather is rough - I really love the outcome so far.

And - most impressive - until now I did not find the right rules for WWI sea battles ... THAT is somehow ridiculous ...

"I have no words!"

Mavet Me'shamaim!


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