Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

Mavet Me'shamaim! - Death from above!

Do you listen to the engines? Listen carefully to it. It will just last a bit longer then you jump into the shit.

Wait until the green light flashes then run forward and jump out. If your grav-chute does not kick in REST IN PEACE we will shout.

The Emperor protects. Isn’t it a way to die? With your Lasgun on your back as you’re falling through the sky!

Now it is time to kick some sorry orcs into their sorry green butt - Ha'Keisar yishmerenu!

During the last month (I guess it was much more the last half of the last year) I have come really far writing my fanfiction story Stargazer, which is set in the 40k universe, but I somehow lacked continuing the build-up my imperial guard army.
But now - after a long time of work and rework, I am proud to have my first section of Elysians finished – and I am REALLY finished, too. I guess my female inquisitor was waiting for this support long enough ;-D Thinking about it, my IG is all about 400 men strong, but nothing really finished ... how shameful.

But well, enough talk. Let's have a look ...

Command Section:

 I don’t know why but I really like to reinforce my army with units having become obsolete in miniature collections of other players. Normally I rework and repaint them.
But I liked the ground and camo of the guys following so I decided to leave them as they were and use them as some kind of special force (they look like Delta force  - don’t they?)

Already well-known – the scout sniper. Currently, I am working on a spotter and a second sniper team.

Some guys on their way into the action. They are carrying ant tank hollow charges so you can guess what will happen next … :-D And yes – the overly white teeth of the first guy were planned this way – they are meant to blind and distract the enemy …

And these guys are preparing to strike again.

An anti-tank unit with hollow charges and a Melta gun (Sci-Fi-Panzerschreck based on micro wave technology – helpful when you need to get your meal cooked until crisp … or your enemy)

And in the end – someone who thinks he is cool. I don’t know why the sergeant is using his pistol while carrying the rifle, but it really looks nice.

As you can see, the paintjob on the miniatures varies more or less. This is because it took me a long time to get all those guys done. Some of them benefitted from new techniques I tried and some didn’t. But to be honest: I don’t want to repaint them as I am afraid I could destroy the look they have. For me, the work I did is quite okay and I am happy with the outcome so far.
11 more guys are under construction and will be finished soon (I hope) and much more are underway.
So stay tuned!

Mavet Me'shamaim!


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