Sonntag, 17. März 2013

UPDATE: IDF/Brits/Elysians

Hi, folks!

This update contains some progress made on nearly all my projects.


My IDF-project hasn't gone any further, to be honest. But nevertheless I was lucky to finish a building I am going to use a terrain for those guys.

The model is quite okay so far, but the production flash was so hard to remove most of the flash is still visible. But I guess as I am using it on the table, it is okay.

and a little psychedelic view. To be honest I dropped my cam while photoshoot ... :-D


Also finished some Elysians for my SciFi war scenario:

British Airborne:

And also some comrades for my British Airborne:


And as I am someone who can't just finish all of his project one by one, I already have started a new Force on Force project, inspired by the work of some of my fellow bloggers.

The aim is to create a multinational EUFOR unit for scenarios set in the Middle East and Africa. So far, the unit will consist of German, French, Italian, Dutch and Irish units. 

Next update is already in progress! Stay tuned!

Mavet Me'shamaim!



  1. Wonderful looking minis and ruins!

    1. Hi,

      thanks! It took a lot of time to get as far as I am now, but there is still room for improvement :-D

      I'm happy you liked it.