Samstag, 1. Juni 2013

Thanks to ... Susanne Habermann

Hi folks,

long time no see. To be honest: I am quite busy. Sorry for that.
And that’s the reason todays entry is not about one of my projects but a little introduction to someone I have worked with on several of my projects including the Stargazer fan fiction story and concept arts for my own work: Susanne Habermann, a freelance artist and illustrator from the wonderful city of Fürth.

I have come to know Susanne about three years ago when I was looking for someone illustrating some characters for a story project of mine. I had been in search of an Illustrator for several month by then, but never found someone to whom I was able to get my ideas across. And to be honest it was rather a coincidence that we met. A friend of mine told me he would know someone who could help me and gave me an email address. So I conducted a random shot and wrote an email to Susanne describing some of my thoughts to her. It took a few more mails, some questions and a lot of answers and further description of characters and setting to give her a glimpse of what I had thought of. But nevertheless I was stunned by the end result. From that point on we have worked together several times, creating concept drawings, character illustrations or just fun artwork.

And therefore it is now time to say Thank you, Susanne, for all the help and the nice contact and I am looking forward to work with you again!

To show you, what I am talking about I have attached some of her work. Though those aren't from her work with me I nevertheless love those pictures.

And, of course, one artwork she did for me:

If you want to take a look at her (German) website, just follow the links below.

Next update is underway!

Take care:


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