Sonntag, 21. Juli 2013

IDF test shots and some EUFOR Fallschirmjäger

Hi folks,

Here are some updates.



During a FoF match I was able to make a few pictures of my IDF just to test how they look like when used on a gaming table.

My first shot of the Merkava. As you might notice, the 50 cal. is gone. It broke off the model and I later had to fix it. Still hating it …

Urban operations in progress:



As I mentioned early, I am about to begin a second Force on Force project, an European Army, which consists of different units from differen European countries. I decided to start off with a group of German Fallschirmjäger. The first three miniatures are finished, so it is time to present those guys to you and see what you are thinking about them.

Next Update is already on its way!

So take care


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