Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013

Surprise! Surprise! One year in the Elysium ...

Surprise! Surprise!

I just realized it now has been around one year that Stargazers Elysium was brought to life. My, my, time flies.

On the 26th of October 2012 the first entry was posted. Since then a lot of things happened. It has been a challenging year, but also a lot of fun working on my various projects. I hope all who followed the progress on both my miniature and story projects have enjoyed the outcome of my work as I did while making progress.

I did not post as frequently as others did, and therefore it is not my intention to bother you with any details on numbers and dates. I rather would like to take the opportunity and thank you.

I want to thank all who stopped by and took a look and all those who stayed in the Elysium and shared their thoughts on my projects.
Hopefully your interest will remain unchanged, even if there is slow progress made from time to time.

And for all readers of my stories: please note that my former webpage does not exist any longer. It has been replaced by this one:

Thank you for your attention and all those encouraging moments I was able to share with you!

Take care!


Freitag, 25. Oktober 2013


Hi guys,

another little update!

Just had a bit of time and used it to finish some guys for my EUFOR.

The German Fallschirmjäger you see here was already finished some weeks ago, but I wasn't fully happy with the outcome, so I reworked some things. He got a new face (lol) and I tried to paint reflection on his glasses.

But not only the German has been updated. Two Austrians found their way into the emerging EUROPEAN BATTLEGROUP. Welcome, guys! Or as the Austrians say: Gruess Gott!

Originally being Elhiem irish army guys, I "converted" them into Austrians because the Austrian forces work together with the German more frequently.

And just to prevent anyone from saying: "Those guys shine a lot". No, they don't. As I found out, it is this green-grey mixture I used to paint the Austrian uniforms. Normally it looks more green, but the highlighted areas somehow seem to shine. It totally looks stupid and I hope that when I apply some mat laquer it will look different. Nevertheless, I like the outcome (though I again messed up the faces).


Yes! Right! This "patch" on the left side is supposed to be the Bundesheer patch. While painting it I nearly broke my fingers (was too concentrated).

And right. This is supposed to be the EU Emblem, though on the left guy it looks more like a divebombing seagull.

Next update is in progress!

Take care


Samstag, 19. Oktober 2013

Some updates on just ... everything ...

Hello my dear readers,


a lot of things have happend.

Due to the fact that I have some serious business to do I wasn’t able to keep you informed about the progress made on my miniatures and my stories for quite some time.
I am sorry about that and would like to give you a "little" glimpse of what I have done so far and what I am planning for the next time.

To let go and welcome

Currently I am dismantling and selling my Imperial Guard Forces as well as my 1/72 WWII forces, especially my old Cadian and Catachan guys and German paratroopers. Makes it easier to keep on with my other projects.
As far as I am concerned, I won’t play 40k or WWII settings any longer, so my remaining main projects are Tomorrows War and Force on Force.
Nevertheless I want to continue the Stargazer story project, as it has come far enough to deserve an epic end.

On the other hand,  I have started a new story project, focussing on some ideas I have been working on years ago, some time before I started to write Stargazer.
The whole idea was about an Empire of man, but not as shown in Warhammer or most other scifi settings. There are no aliens, demons or androids, no robots or heretics, but human beings struggeling to survive. I thought of something similar to the old Chinese Empire before the Europeans went to china and did their part "transforming" the country. Something that is similar to the ancient empires of Rome or Egypt, Greece and, of course, the Spartans.
The whole universe I thought of has existed for almost 14 years or so, but now it was time to refit and refresh the idea. And as far as I have come, it looks like the concept works.

Thanks to some of my fellow Bloggers and friends, especially Nadav Igra, who gave me with some ideas of hebrew words and their meaning (and still does - an important thing when you start a multilingual empire), Susanne Habermann, who supports me with her talents in drawing and concept arts, and others I was able to put the old body of the whole concept into a new shape.

The story will follow some military personnel, mountain infantry and drop troopers, which I have though to take over the part of Colonel Ekko and his infantry regiment. It won't be as funny as Colonel Ekko was (using all the ideas of Warhammer to play with), but I hope it nevertheless will be a quite epic journey.

There are some other ideas I am currently working on. And that is one of the reasons I give away my Imperial Guard and start a new army mainly to be used in Tomorros War.

Z'va Ha'Aretz Ha'kehysari - the Imperial Forces of Earth


Aretz - the ground, or earth, how the people in the Empire call it, is the main body of culture and politics of the "Keisarut ha'Aretz" which has developed in thousands of years, guarded by great fleets and large armies. Equppied with the latest military technology, those forces are used to counter insurgencies, fight terrorists and hunt down pirates. In the future, the only thing changing is technology.
Drop troops play an important role in this kind of warfare, as they are flexible and well equipped units and can be used in nearly every environment. 
To display these elite units, I needed some miniatures which look badass and modern in both way. And guess what? Yeah - I already have some. My Elysians!

Yeah, for sure there are a few things to do and changes to make until they fit nicely into the new army taking over the role of the "Gravschirmjäger"(gravchute infantry). But as far as I am concerned I think they already do. They just differ from the equipment I thought of for my Gravschirmjäger.
So as you all know I already have a platoon of about 30 Elysians, which are ready to be fielded, but to enable them to fill the hole left by my other Imperial Forces I need at least a company (or two). And guess what? Yeeeeah! I nearly got one :-D I just need to finish the main body of this company.
Due to fortunate circumstances I was able to get another 30 Elysians, which in parts are already assembled. I just need to finish them and create some individual poses.

So this is what I got and think of:

I still own all my imperial tanks and aircraft, especially the Valkyries, which will take over the role of the dropships and gunships. The tanks will play a minor role in my army (ever seen a Leman Russ inserted from Orbit?), but will stay in my force, just to look awesome.

Don't they look neat?

Due to lack of heavy equipment, gravchute units use "Holej Krav", combat walkers, which are used in rough terrains, more flexible in their way of moving and air-transportable. Those will be displayed by Drop Sentinels (I am not sure how to design my own walkers. I just LOVE the shape of those drop sentinels).
Got two of them!

And of course, we need some fast assault vehicles, which I call ATREC Scorpion (ATREC: All Terrain Reconaissance Vehicle) and which will be displayed by Tauros Assault Vehicles. The Tauros differs from the ATREC as the ATREC is a closed vehicle and is more a mixture of the German ATF Dingo and the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle. But nevertheless I got four Tauros and I won't let them just get away without being used. Maybe one day the new Colonel will demand an open-topped ATREC.

 As heavy combat support, I thought of a armed combat transporter, just as the Fuchs or, even more, the Boxer. I still don't have a name for this kind of vehicle, but already a miniature. It is a slightly modified 28mm APC from Antenocitis Workshop, called "NRF Kabardin APC".

Transports a section of 10 plus a crew of 3 and has a rocket launcher

And then we have this guy here. To be honest - I have no clue how to insert him into my army, but he looks sweet and so I just had to buy him. Good-buy :-D. Maybe this will be a little combat support vehicle like the German Wiesel. And of course, he will have a Lasgun. It is a tank hunter - what else should he use?

 In COH Blitzkrieg mod, Hetzers saved my butt often enough.  

 Luckily my dear friend and wargamer JaGdTiGeR from the German Sweetwater forum, who supports me with his Airbrush pistol, has had a "bit" of time and changed the camouflage of my Valkyries into something similar to the current IDF camo, which low looks like this:

Mavet Me'shamaim! - Death from above!

There will be three more to follow. I am eager to see them finished. Hurry, my Tiger! :-D

And some infantry WIP. As you can see, those units are consisting of different parts, some of them already painted. They will look better when the are finally done.

And much more infantry ..


 And of course - two commanders!
No - they aren't headless ... like Colonel Ekko was ..

 Mishmar Keisari(t) - The Emperors Guard

But there are not only Gravschirmjäger who defend the Empire. The best equipped and best trained unit Keisarut ha'Aretz is able to field is the Emperors Guard, all-armoured infantry, that normally protects the Emperor (Keisar) or the Empress (Keisarit). But in times of war this unit also fights in combat. They are feared because of their martial appearance and their combat skills, which I tried to display using Dreamforge Games Stormtroopers. They don't resemble the exact look of the forces I had in mind, but those guys from the Kerberos Saga ... Jin-Roh - The Wolfbrigade. And I always liked them :-D.

Get the Anti-Tank weapons to the front!
Those guys are heavy armed and well equipped!
Winters! One O'clock! Grenaaade! (quoted from Band of Brothers)
Position secured!
Okay, guys! let's roll!
That's where those bullets come out? Hihi, makes a funny sound
I am currently looking for a good camo. I somehow thought of the uniform used by the Gallian Militia in Valkyria Chronicles. I think that would look great. Like this:

The Empress will be proud! (Had a look on some actresses who played an Empress in movies or TV shows. Thought Gong Li would be the best as she is both beautiful and radiates an aura of coolness and power.)

And, of course, she has wonderful eyes ...

But not alone my SciFi projects made some progress. I also was able to go on with both my IDF and EUFOR Force on Force projects. Currently, my WIP looks like this:


First Element:
The first group of infantry is consisting of Elhiem Irish soldiers used as Austrian Jäger, which make a better addition to my Germans than the Irish guys would (same vehicles and joint military exercises). At the moment I have got eight of them. Still looking for an Eagle IV to get them into combat.

The color looks weird at the moment ... it will look different when it is finished

Second Element:

The second section is consisting of "some" Germans, which make the main body of the force. The Germans will field both Fallschirmjäger and Panzergrenadiere, supported by MBTs and AFV.

I am not here!
My fellow Blogger Black Guardian has sculped some KSK guys. I'll use them as ... KSK guys
A lot of Fallschirmjäger and Panzergrenadiere will make the main body of the EUFOR
More Fallschirmjäger
More Panzergrenadiere

Third Element:

The French and Italians will send support being able to assist the German Bundeswehr units and Austrian Jäger whenever they need it. (And of course, they will need support!)

The French
The Italians

I guess it will take a lot of time to finish all those guys, but nevertheless I am eager to get 'em into combat! Let's go! Get some!

And last but not least - my IDF project

Having just another few IDF troopers to finish I have alread been looking for new IDF forces and found some Americans from Caesar Miniatures which will display soldiers of the Sajeret Matkal long range recon forces.

This looks unfinished ... but quite funny!
Sajeret Matkal! Even the name sounds badass!

And, of course, the current amount of vehicles my IDF and EUFOR are relying on. I was lucky to get a lot of them in the last few month. The 2 painted Marder and Eurocopter Tiger originally were part of the German Army of my fellow Blogger Sgt. Scream. The two Dingos and one Marder on the right side were a cheap addition (already in the right camo ... just have to get those ISAF emblems covered:-D)

More to come (PzH 2000, Leopard 2A6, Cobra AH-1, Black Hawk, Ariete, etc).

Still under construction ...

I know, this was a big amount of news (and pictures) for such a little blog post. There was a lot to tell and I think I gave you an overview of what I have been working on the past month and what I will work on in the next weeks.

Not entirely sure when there will be another update, but it is already in progress :-D

Take care!