Freitag, 25. Oktober 2013


Hi guys,

another little update!

Just had a bit of time and used it to finish some guys for my EUFOR.

The German Fallschirmjäger you see here was already finished some weeks ago, but I wasn't fully happy with the outcome, so I reworked some things. He got a new face (lol) and I tried to paint reflection on his glasses.

But not only the German has been updated. Two Austrians found their way into the emerging EUROPEAN BATTLEGROUP. Welcome, guys! Or as the Austrians say: Gruess Gott!

Originally being Elhiem irish army guys, I "converted" them into Austrians because the Austrian forces work together with the German more frequently.

And just to prevent anyone from saying: "Those guys shine a lot". No, they don't. As I found out, it is this green-grey mixture I used to paint the Austrian uniforms. Normally it looks more green, but the highlighted areas somehow seem to shine. It totally looks stupid and I hope that when I apply some mat laquer it will look different. Nevertheless, I like the outcome (though I again messed up the faces).


Yes! Right! This "patch" on the left side is supposed to be the Bundesheer patch. While painting it I nearly broke my fingers (was too concentrated).

And right. This is supposed to be the EU Emblem, though on the left guy it looks more like a divebombing seagull.

Next update is in progress!

Take care



  1. That's good painting skill right there!

  2. Thanks, Francis.

    Though I am still not all to confident in my skills, I appreciate you like it :-D