Mittwoch, 27. November 2013

After action report: The High Seas Fleet is hunting ... itself

Ahoi comrades,

Today I’ll tell you arrrrrrr tale you’ll never forget *Laughing like a seaman*

A few days ago I visited a friend who is also interested in WWI sea battles and we both decided to try Naval Thunder: Clash of the Dreadnoughts, using my ships and his Dystopian Wars equipment.
First of all, he showed me all his miniatures which took about one hour and again reminded me of how little time I have to work on my various projects.
But then we decided to start the game.
Due to the fact that no one was able to find any British forces to battle we agreed to let SMS Dresden and SMS Emden fight each other instead.

 An old blue colored table cloth was used as water and some of his Dystopian Wars terrain put upon it.

It was his first game and my third, so we did some maneuvering in the beginning to get a feeling for speed and turn rate of the ships.

But then, finally, the real action started.

During the first few rounds, both ships closed in, threatening each other with their typhons and clouds of imaginary thick black smoke.

Then on both ships bridge telephones rang. “Crow’s nest reporting, Sir! German Dresden class cruiser sightened!”
Following a short lookup in the fleet register lists, commanders on Emden and Dresden figured out that, if a Dresden class is closing you and you are one of two ships in class, the other one must be the sister ship. (Was a really funny situation) :-D
The battle started.
Being at the release point both ships opened fire at a rang of approximately 12”, unleashing a rain of metal upon the enemy.
Due to bad luck, none of the ships was able to penetrate the other ones hull. Nevertheless, onboard SMS Dresden severe cases of urinary incontinence occured when the ships helmsman missed to turn the ship around in the right moment, bringing the small cruiser VERY close to the shore.

 Meanwhile SMS Emden tried to get into a position from where she would be able of “crossing the T”.

Round four!

SMS Dresden avoided to run aground, turned around and … directly faced the port broadside of SMS Emden.

Birds and holidaymakers fled when the battle started again.
Dresden was able to hit Emden beneath the waterline and punched a hole into the ships hull. The shocked crew wasn’t able to get the flooding under control, so the cruiser had to slow down to avoid being sunk by his own speed.

The ships gun crews however countered the attack, destroying guns and superstructure of the opposing warship, prompting the crew of SMS Dresden to leave the sinking rest of what was once a formidable ship.

Well. Bad luck. The commander of Dresden should have paid attention to Boromir when he informed the council of Elrond:

But I wasn’t willing to give up that easy! Revenge!

This time, SMS Emden and SMS Elbing fought agains SMS Dresden and SMS Pillau.

Once again, the first two rounds consisted of maneuvering the opposite forces into gun range. Both Elbing and Pillau went towards the enemy, trying to take advantage of their long range artillery.

And again Elbing and Pillau opened fire during the third round. Pillau managed to hit her sister ship. A fire started to burn. While the crew tried to bring the fire under control, commanders signaled the smaller Dresden class cruiser to use the island as cover and close in from behind. Coincidentally both battle groups worked on the same plan of action at the same time.

And then happened what we all expected: SMS Elbing turned south, trying to get around the island and ran into SMS Dresden and her raging crew, who opened fire immediately seeing the opponents name begins with an “E”.

Even the crow’s nest of SMS Elbing took cover.

SMS Dresden scored several hits and sank SMS Elbing, though the bigger cruiser was able to launch a torpedo and destroy the smaller ship at the same time.

In the north, the battle still raged. Emden and Pillau fired at each other. Emden was able to penetrate the main armor of SMS Pillau. Two fires ignited but were put out immediately. Well done, crew!

Relying on her bigger caliber, Pillau engaged the attacker and sank her, remaining the sole survivor of this battle.

Leaves me to say:

And a picture of the whole fleet at the end of that day:

In Conclusion:

The game was … wow!
This I swear!
That’s all for now,
Good night! Take care!



  1. Absolut nicht mein Thema (zumindest als Figurenschiebespiel) und dann noch mit diesen kleiiiiiiiinen Schiffchen...aber cool sieht´s schon aus !

  2. Very nice report, great looking pictures and ships...