Dienstag, 5. November 2013

German High Seas Fleet Battlegroup

Good Morning,

You maybe remember the little German High Seas Fleet project I was working on some time ago.
I was working on a group of cruisers and destroyers (Torpedo-boats) and had already finished the SMS von der Tann as commanding ship.

Here’s the link in case you forgot: Kaiser and Coals

Well. The hole project had come to a halt in order to enable me to go on with some other projects. But yesterday evening around 1800 local I had this strange feeling that told me: “do something”. So I went to my miniature showcase, opened it and … dropped SMS von der Tann right on the floor. Man, was I upset. Luckily the ship survived its fall with minor damage. So I decided to repaint some parts and then I knew what to do. So I took all my ships and started painting. And I finished the battlegroup tomorrow morning at 0500 local.

It somehow feels great, but also strange to have something finished and I am already planning to expand the force. But for the moment, I am just happy everything worked fine.

So here they are: SMS von der Tann, SMS Elbing, SMS Emden and 3 Große Torpedoboote (A mixture between torpedo-boats and torpedo-boat destroyers)

SMS von der Tann: as told previously, I dropped the ship and had to repaint some parts. So I repainted the water to match her with the other units.

SMS Elbing: Beautiful ship. Due to the fact that GHQ did not provide the ship with a rear mast, I just took a spare part from the SMS Emden kit and put it on the Elbing. Works fine. Wonderful model. Finished painting ship hull and superstructure apart from each other just to figure out that the paint prevented both from fitting together. I love this job …

SMS Emden: I took the well know colour sheme White-gold as reference, though I read that the ship in WW I was camouflaged in grey. But hey! It’s the EMDEN! Which other ship deserves to be painted in WHITE and GOLD!

Große Torpedoboote B97, B98, B99: All Torpedo-boats/Torpedo-boat destroyers were brought into more active poses to underline their part as utterly fearless infantrymen of the sea.

B 97: Moves around (maybe in order to prevent a close call or to fire a torpedo). The water is reaching up to the main deck. I think everyone who experienced such a manoeuver agrees with me when I say it is a feeling you get once in a lifetime.


B 98: steams straight ahead to the enemy’s position („Drive me closer! I want to hit them with my boatswain’s pipe!”)

B 99: Moves directly into an upbuilding wave. (Mayday, we’re sinking! – Hello? This is German Coast Guard … aehm … what are you thinking about?)

After all I am still amazed how good the ships and the water are looking. They look more like a drawing. I never imagined they would look better on the pictures than in real life. Little happy accident :-D

Let’s see. One project done. Twenty more to go. To be honest: I am already planning to enlarge this force, but I think it is more important to finish the other Austrians on the next :-D

Next update is already on the way. Stay focused!

As you were!



  1. Those are quiet beautiful and very well done!

  2. A fine looking fleet, sir! I love the moody seas (launisch Meere?) on your bases - they look terrific. Being an Australian I share a close interest in SMS Emden and am always astounded by the feats of von Mücke in leading the shore part back to Germany!

    1. Thank you, Sir. Yes - Launisches Meer is right :-D It is a very moody sea. I don't know what sea state it is but it looks like the ships are in heavy weather. I guess in that weather they wouldn't try to encounter another fleet, but nevertheless it looks impressive.
      SMS Emden as well as SMS Emden has become some kind of a myth so it was somehow obvious for me to add those units to my fleet even if they are not part of the High Seas Fleet but of the Ostasiengeschwader (East Asia Squadron). I like the design (though I like the design of the battle cruisers much more :D) and they already have proven to be a good addition to the force.

      Next update is already on its way, so stay tuned ;-D

      Take care