Freitag, 21. Februar 2014

One night in Finland ...

Well, actually I spent a few more nights there.

Hello everyone,

You might have noticed that I have been away for at least two month or so. Once again I was quite busy and had little to no time to continue working on my various projects.
But nevertheless I would like to show you what happened while I was away. One of the places I went to was Helsinki in Finland.
My company there attended a meeting with various institutions from Baltic sea countries to discuss things.
Though I was accompanying my superior in those meetings I nevertheless had time to travel around the city at least two days in a row.

But one after the other.

Our flight went from Hamburg Airport to Helsinki Airport which funnily isn’t located in Helsinki, but 15 kilometers away in Vantaa. Vantaa is the fourth biggest town of Finland and part of the agglomeration area of the capital city.

Hamburg Airport - on our way to the airplane

The Great Belt
Another Airplane

Helsinki-Vantaa - airplane at the gate

Sadly I wasn’t able to enjoy the city in the first place, because there was a lot of business to do.

We were placed in the Hotel “Best Western Premier” on the Katajanokka peninsular.
The hotel itself was a prison until 2002, when it was closed, restored and reopened as a hotel with a prison atmosphere.
And though it is a wonderful building with nice personnel and much space, it really gets this feeling across.
One of the other members of the meeting stated, that he already had been thinking of who could have been his roommate back in 2002 ;-D After thinking about that, I didn’t turn out my nightlight until the end of our travel.

My room
Inside the Hotel
Other parts ;-D
That's what I was talking of

Around 200 meters away from the hotel, there was the ferry habour. And every morning when I left the hotel the first sight I got was this:

Helsinki itself is a beautiful town. Due to its geographical location, its coast line is said to be around 100 kilometers long. I don’t know if that is true … I didn’t have time to check that.

But from my point of view – I managed to get around the main areas in less than 10 hours - it seems to be a rather small town, compared to Hamburg for example. It even seems to have less room than Lübeck, which in return has far fewer inhabitants – judging from the sheer landmass and total population.
Habour area
This little ferry normally goes towards an fortress island outside the town

Around Helsinki without a fridge
Even at night ... there is light

Nevertheless Helsinki turned out to be a city I really felt comfortable in. Even at nighttime, the city doesn’t seem to sleep. Shops are open up to 11pm and you find people all over the place.
In German towns, I often get a feeling of insecurity once it gets dark. I even got it in Paris and Rome, where I was during school time. But in Helsinki it felt somehow warm (and that’s not just because it was around 2 degrees Celsius, which seems to be an absolutely abnormal temperature for this time of the year).
This is a national museum, I guess.
A fireship

An ice rink. As well as in Estonia, in Finland it seems to be a tradition

Helsinki Opera House

Without wanting to be rude ... it reminds more of a nuclear plant
Ducks! Would you count those guys as population, Helsinki would outclass all european cities.
There are a lot of torches in the town. I don't know, why. But I liked it.
I have been told that this is some kind of a swedish theater.
Finland - fuck, yeah!
I didn't exactly find out, what this one is about
This is an university building

Tram-dam, tram-dam, tram-dam, tram-dam. Now I know why they are called "Tram"
Main Bus Station
I have been told that this is the main music hall. I didn't hear anything.

The people were friendly, sincere and honest, though a bit reserved. Nevertheless I managed to ask some girls if I could take a picture of them smiling at me. (I did that in Tallinn, Paris and Rome as well, but only in Tallinn I was successful).
In Helsinki, I was lucky to catch around 10 girls which agreed to smile for me, yet I had to promise I would never release the pictures. And … yeah … I keep my promises.
So thanks to the ladies I have some more lovely memories to the people in the town. Thanks again ^^
Instead of ladies ... the main church!

It was still open at the time, but somehow I didn't went in. And now I regret that

Another churchlike area - the train station
Though it is like in every other town it felt some special

The clock tower ... like a beacon visibile from far away.
But everything ends sometimes. And finally I had to go, saying goodbye to a wonderful capital of a wonderful country. Helsinki had its own way to farewell me. When our group prepared to depart to the Airport, it started to snow – resulting in a late deicing of our airplane shortly before takeoff.

Best picture of them all. I just had focussed my camera on the vehicle ... thanks.
During the flight, a last experience happend that will ever be connected to Helsinki – the Co-pilot talked to us, informing us that the flight is going from …. “Errrrrr” and a long pause to Hamburg. I tried to figure out, where “Errrr” is located, but I did not manage to find it on the map.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our flight from Errrrrrr .... to Hamburg (...)"
Hamburg welcomed us with rain and heavy winds which made the plane to bounce up and down as if it would be unwilling to get back on the ground.

Yeah, Germany … I am back … but I will miss Helsinki and its people ... especially the girls ...

See you on the next update.

All the best