Mittwoch, 5. März 2014

A tale of warships, CHUCK NORRIS' german cousin (and his friends, of course) and the might of azure witches ....

Hi people,

Being back from Finland, I first had to settle things before getting back to post some news. Well - a few things have happened:

- Some new Bundeswehr guys are done
- Just realized I never finished my desert bases tutorial
- A new project has been started.

First of all - the last part of the desert bases tutorial has already been written a few weeks ago and is available in a forum - but until now I somehow forgot to present it here. I am absolutely sorry and I will catch up on this later this week. I promise!

But for now - I want to show some new pictures of my projects.

High Seas Fleet

It is ridiculous I did not manage to finish four new ships in time after I have started the whole HSF-project with a lot of fun and power. But well. I still made some progress!


Finally finished! I especially like the water!


Light cruiser ist currently under construction. I managed to start the water but then ... the whole process came to a halt ...


Same here ...



Those two I just assembled and applied some prime coat. No further progress.

European Battlegroup

Here we also have got some progress. A few days before I went to Finland, I managed to fix some issues on one of my Austrians and finished an Austrian gunner, making them four by now.

But then - in the last few days - I managed to finish another 3 members of the battle group. YEAH!

Uniform was way to dark, so I repainted the unifom

EU BATTLE GROUP - guy on the far left is the new one :-D
... and I just realized - one of the Austrians is missing here

A fifth Austrian and the first with desert "camo"

And then I happend to finish two guys - one radio operator and another guy, who reminded me of ... Chuck Norris - maybe a German cousin?!

Chuck Norris has joined the Bundeswehr!

A new project!

What?! What he says? Well, yeah - I have got a new project ... after the work on my sci-fi army came to a halt due to ... issues, I decided to get rid of all those WWII stuff I still have lying around. And as I now have 10 days off I just decided to do something I wanted to do for at least forever since I have played ... 

So here I am now, starting a Gallian army in 20 mm.

And this is no joke - using all three design books of the games I want to at least create a force to counter friends in WWII scenarios ... all included a special character, made by friend and fellow blogger Black Guardian.

Some progress has already been made but as long as I don't have anything I could already present to you, I would like to first finish the desert base tutorial and then go on with the chronicles of my Gallian army.

So see you on the next update!

Take care



  1. Heisst das, ich werde die Eisenkerne nicht so schnell fertig bemalt sehen ?! Dann mußt Du zur Entschädigung jetzt aber im neuen Projekt ordentlich auffahren !
    Ich beobachte weiter...

  2. Hallo Opa,

    Nein, im Augenblick nicht, da mich das Projekt einfach zu viel Zeit und Ressourcen kostet, die ich derzeit nicht auffahren kann. Aber natürlich bleibe ich dran! Die VC Armee hingegen wird sich auch bei dem einen oder anderen Behind Omaha Spiel nutzen lassen - also von daher musst du dir keine Sorgen machen! Da kommt noch was :-D