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Valkyria Chronicles - The Miniature Chronicles

So, here we go again!

As you might remember from my last update, I have started a new project.
The reason for this is simple: I did a lot of WWII stuff over the past time. And to be honest I got into it long before I started my blog.

But getting through all this WWII stuff has become boring and annoying as in Germany, WWII is still present to this day. And in my opinion a lot of stories being told about it nowadays, especially so called "documentaries", imported from the US and focused on telling something but not history as I understand it, add to a deep depression and sickness that is growing among people. Finally, I got overwhelmed and decided to go on with other topics.

But still, from time to time, I take a look onto all those unfinished vehicles and unpainted miniatures and feel a bit unhappy.

A lot of people still do rather WWII miniature games than modern warfare or something like this, and I can't compete or really participate in their games, because I don't use my Fallschirmjäger army any more.

So I had to think about trying something different. Something similar to WWII, but with some more or less slight differences which do not remind me of that topic every time and the somehow ridiculous self-criticism of some people. I mean - why do you build up an SS army just to realize this "organization" did bad things in "real"? And why do you need to put those miniatures on the table, just to tell everyone you think about abandoning your army because you think you did something wrong? And then telling about building another Panzer division you are planning?

People - tabletop is gaming. Nothing else. Even Ludo could be sensed as being a violent and racist game. There are so many bad and evil things that happen today all over the world. Is there really a need to discuss if miniature games are morally questionable?
And then it hit me like an 88mm shell.

There was a game I wanted to work with ever since I knew it existed - a game not just very wonderful in its character development and storytelling but also in the way it attracted my attention:

As I have been an anime fan long ago, I first sensed the Valkyria Chronicles franchise watching the first few episodes of an anime, wondering about how unusual the story depicts the theme of WWII. But from the first moment on I liked the soundtrack. So I did some digging and finally found - not just the music but also the "real thing" behind what I thought was a rather disappointing anime: a game mixture of strategy, third person shooter and RPG, put together in a sweet and harmonic cel-shaded graphical design.

The first game hit me. I was stunned. Not just deeply impressed, but also touched by the depth of the characters and the detailed story and excited by the gameplay, which attracted attention among the gaming community.

Let me summarize what VC is about. I’ll try not to spoil anything from the game: Valkyria Chronicles is a gaming franchise, developed by Sega. Originally consisting of three games, the whole "universe" has been used to feed not just an anime, but also manga stories and a lot of fan stuff.
The world of VC is different from the world we live in, but not ALL too different.

The story is set on a continent called "Europa" during a time period raging from around 1900 up to 1940 of the European calendar. The main story line (as depicted in the very first game) was focused on a small group of citizens from the Principality of Gallia, a small country wedged in between two super powers. Those powers, the Atlantic Federation on one side and the Eastern Autocratic Empire on the other, fight for the control over the continent and a mineral called "Ragnite". This mineral, an equivalent to oil, is not very common among Europa, but Gallia hosts a lot of it. So the Empire invades the small country.

This is where the player kicks in - he takes the role of Welkin Gunther, a young militia officer. Gunther and his squad (consisting of those people I talked about earlier) rush into battle against the Empire and finally face a descendant of the” Valkyrur”, an old and mighty people. Those Valkyrur invaded Europa from the north very long ago, enslaved the indigenous people and re-wrote history.

So as I said, the whole story got me the same way the Valkyrur got Europa - it overwhelmed me in the first place.

And ever since I wanted to build some of the vehicles seen in the game, but it took me a lot of time (until I got the design archive books *Yeaaah*!), before I finally had the guts to try and develop my own 20mm Gallian Army.

I did a lot of research on the topic, watched let's plays in both German and English and took a lot of notes and ideas on how I need to convert vehicles and miniatures to make them fit to common wargaming rules AND to the universe of Valkyria Chronicles.
And now I am ready to begin! I know it will take a lot of time. For me this is more a project I want to do because I can rather than doing it because I have to (in order to get a playable army). Also, I am absolutely new to full conversions, but nevertheless I am eager to do it so let me alter a quote from MageKnight404, one of the guys who did those let’s plays:

Valkyria Chronicles, Gallian Army - buildup project STARTS!

So, what is my plan?

First of all, I want to recycle the resources I already have got. So all my WWII 20mm vehicles will be used to construct new vehicles using nothing more than the kits I have got, some Green stuff and Plastic cards. This will be fun, I guess.

I now got 1 Hetzer, 1 Sturmgeschütz, 2 Panzer III, 1 Panzer IV, some SdKfz and some turrets, which will make a great start for my Gallian army. I still need some tank hulls, but this won't be a big problem I think :-D

So here we go! Let me quote MageKnight404 a second time: MORALE SET!

And with a little song from "Rosie", this project is going to become awesome! Rosie, do the thing! I mean ... do the 'sing'!

See you on the next update!

So long!


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