Samstag, 26. April 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 04 - I need to do something ... or - where exactly have you been?

Good day all, 

As some of you might have noticed, I was away once again. Actually, it was like getting a call. “Take your equipment – we need you!” – “Ah, okay. So, where do you need me?” – “Well, at first we need you to accompany your superior. There is another meeting taking place and you have to be there.” – “Okay. So, where is this meeting supposed to take place?” – “In Potsdam" – “Ah, okay. And what am I supposed to do after that?” – “Well, we want you to attend an English course.” – “Ah, okay … why?” – “Because it is good to have attended an English course.” – “But I already have got a certificate …” – “We know.” – “But why again then?” – “Because we want you to do it where we want you to do it.” – “Are you kidding?” – “Nope.”

Which means … well, you might get the idea by now.

Then again some kind of anime fever struck me hard, so I had to watch all episodes and OAV/OVA of “Ah! My Goddess” again wondering why I didn’t like the show in the first place. Well – I guess I am just getting soft now.

Keep on smiling, Ladies! You're on TV!

Urd, I love you! Goddess boobs for the win!

So there was little to no time to update my projects, especially the Gallian army, which is currently in a state of rest. I have to change that soon!

Meanwhile ... somewhere in Gallia

I asked my friend for some help concerning those tracks.
He had a short look on the whole construction stating he needed proper tools. But as he didn't have them available at that moment, we agreed on going on with those tracks another day.
Instead, my friend suggested I should at first construct some kind of bottom panel in order to stabilize the sides of the running gear.
Well, yeah …. No problem! I have got enough plastic plates to do that.
So I took some of those plates, glued them together and started to sand them.

After that I did some test fitting.

Looks good so far.

In order to give the whole construction some time to dry, I went on with the assembly of the roof.
It fits … not all too well, though. This will take some more work, including sanding and using green stuff, my new tool of choice! But the whole construction is already recognizable and I am absolutely happy that it turned out that well!

After that it was time continue with the bottom plate. First I glued it to the underside of the full-track, then I went on closing the gaps and fill the holes before spackling the whole underbody.

Now it is time to start the details! But this is something we will go on with next time!

I really hope this vehicles doesn’t have to pass some kind of a MOT in the end …

So, that's it for now!

Next update is already on the way!

Take care!


Samstag, 5. April 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 03 - like some infantry?

 Good morning!

A typical weekend in northern Germany, half past five a.m.
Hello rain. Hello mist. Hello all!

Having been busy over the past days, I spent last weekend trying to convert two of my miniatures into Gallian militiamen.
Both are German paratroopers from Revell. And as they are not even close to be good manufactured, I used them to try out my new “skills” in working with green stuff.
The first will become a shock trooper. As you might remember, those are the heavily armed Gallian storm troopers.

To start my version of the shock trooper, I first had to decide which figure I wanted to use. I took a Fallschirmjäger firing his MP40 as this miniature allowed me to skip most of the equipment changes. And so I started to cut away parts of his equipment, before applying the body armor, the backpack and the sleeping bag (which turned out to look more like a bread …).

I worked at "Alicia's bakery". Any problems with that?!

Yeah, I know. He looks weird. That’s because he was primed before, but then I changed the miniatures role from Fallschirmjäger to Gallian militiaman, so I have to prime him again.

Also, his elbow and forearm armor is missing. That’s because his sleeves are rolled back.

And after I finished another piece of work on the APC and the Gallian Hetzer (yeah, those two will be continued later on as translating the work steps takes more time), I continued converting the second militiaman.
This time, I took a Fallschirmjäger with K 98 to make a scout out of it.

I like the pose, but as before, the equipment was absolutely unnecessary and had to be removed first.

But as the miniature then looks somehow … weird, I had to redo clothing and equipment. Time to use more green stuff!

 Ähhhh – no. Not that kind of green stuff.

So far, so good. Man, I never did miniature conversions of that kind before. I am somehow proud it came out so well.

So I those two guys now are in a condition that allows me to prime and later paint them.

The moment you've been waiting for!

Ah, no – I meant this one:

Hey! He doesn’t squint! He is concentrating!

That’s all for now!

See you on the next update!

Take care


Mittwoch, 2. April 2014

Gallian Army Construction report No. 2: Gallian APC – run, boy, run!

Good evening all,

Its time to continue the construction of my Gallian APC.

The first task of the day was to piece together the parts of the running gear, which – I wrote about it in the first report – consists of parts from both tanks.
Surprisingly there were no major difficulties in the assembly, though the drill was unwilling to accept the drill head in the first place.
Die, bastard!

In order to lower my aggressions, I decided to use force as first mean of choice – it worked! Drill accepts drill head, drills hole into the track idler, track idler on the running gear, running gear finished … on 5 degrees west!

Then I turned towards the tracks itself …

... and put them away again. This is a bit too hard for what I am able to achieve. I think, I’ll ask my neighbor to help me with that. He is into miniature kit assembly much longer than I am.
Instead I went on with the vehicle and its details. The first part to be altered was the front. As you can see on the pictures from the Design Archive, the APCs design is typically “Gallian”, which means that its headlights and horn are mounted on middle of the engine cover. This turned out to be the next work I did.
After having sculpted and mounted the headlights, I went on cutting out a piece of plastic from my reserves. Having sawed and filed the whole new part of the vehicle front, I had to realize that the whole construction didn’t fit. Elements of the original kit were somehow warped. Oh, happy me.
Looks like I have to put on some green stuff later on.

Then my attention turned towards the back of the vehicle. Gallian APCs have different troop compartments than the German troop transports. So again I had to cut some plastic out of the plastic sheets and started to form a new tailpiece.
But before that I had to grind the tailpiece of the original 250/1 kit.

Yeah! It works!

Time to put everything together.

Just a bit more … yeah. Looks good so far!

But we are still not done. For a better access to the troop compartment, the vehicles rear uses a footboard. Well, why not? I have got enough material to finish this step in the whole process, too.


Then the roof … the German 250/1 is an open-topped vehicle, the Gallian APC is closed. That is a major difference, but no problem.
So the roof was filed until it was absolutely flat.

The new roof, also cut out from a plastic card, was prepared and put upon the vehicles top.

Okay, I have to admit: my result has become a bit … warped. But no big deal. I will use green stuff to make it fit later on. I love green stuff. How come I worked without it before?
Then I went on preparing the roof for the assembly for the machine gun and its cover and found … this:

I think, this will be useful later on. Keep that in mind. But for now, we will use the original MG mounted on some leftover from the prior work.

Another piece is done.

Time to use some more green stuff. Oh, yeah!

In the end, the APC looked like this.

And compared to the original:

Next update is on its way!

Take care