Samstag, 5. April 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 03 - like some infantry?

 Good morning!

A typical weekend in northern Germany, half past five a.m.
Hello rain. Hello mist. Hello all!

Having been busy over the past days, I spent last weekend trying to convert two of my miniatures into Gallian militiamen.
Both are German paratroopers from Revell. And as they are not even close to be good manufactured, I used them to try out my new “skills” in working with green stuff.
The first will become a shock trooper. As you might remember, those are the heavily armed Gallian storm troopers.

To start my version of the shock trooper, I first had to decide which figure I wanted to use. I took a Fallschirmjäger firing his MP40 as this miniature allowed me to skip most of the equipment changes. And so I started to cut away parts of his equipment, before applying the body armor, the backpack and the sleeping bag (which turned out to look more like a bread …).

I worked at "Alicia's bakery". Any problems with that?!

Yeah, I know. He looks weird. That’s because he was primed before, but then I changed the miniatures role from Fallschirmjäger to Gallian militiaman, so I have to prime him again.

Also, his elbow and forearm armor is missing. That’s because his sleeves are rolled back.

And after I finished another piece of work on the APC and the Gallian Hetzer (yeah, those two will be continued later on as translating the work steps takes more time), I continued converting the second militiaman.
This time, I took a Fallschirmjäger with K 98 to make a scout out of it.

I like the pose, but as before, the equipment was absolutely unnecessary and had to be removed first.

But as the miniature then looks somehow … weird, I had to redo clothing and equipment. Time to use more green stuff!

 Ähhhh – no. Not that kind of green stuff.

So far, so good. Man, I never did miniature conversions of that kind before. I am somehow proud it came out so well.

So I those two guys now are in a condition that allows me to prime and later paint them.

The moment you've been waiting for!

Ah, no – I meant this one:

Hey! He doesn’t squint! He is concentrating!

That’s all for now!

See you on the next update!

Take care



  1. Die sind gut geworden ! In dem Maßstab mit greenstuff arbeiten nenn ich ´ne Herausforderung. Wieviele Figuren benötigst Du eigentlich ?

    1. Kommt drauf an. Erstmal dachte ich daran, für BO und DH ne "kleine" spielbare Trippe aufzubauen. Das heißt, ich organisiere das eher nach Fahrzeugen, die ich habe. Zu jeden Panzerfahrzeug einen Zehnertrupp. Also mache ich erstmal einen 10er-Trupp fertig. Aber sollte es später wirklich so weitergehen, wie ich es mir vorstelle, dann könnten das mal gut 60, 70 Mann werden :_D