Freitag, 30. Mai 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 10 – Oweth!

Hello all,

here we go again!

Well, the weather outside is frightful, but inside it's so delightful, so we will go on with some Gallian forces - One lancer, some vehicles, no horses ... aehm. Right. But afar from that ...

Started the construction of the first lancer, bringing the count of miniatures being under construction to a total of 5.

As most of my Gallian soldiers do, this guy will keep his helmet. Safety first!

The Hetzer got his forward mud flaps.

Then went on with the construction of the Ragnite engine. As I told before, I had to do some major adjustments in order to get the shape of the radiator quite right.

After the wohle construction had dried for at least 24 hours, I went on working on the cooling elements.

If you pay a closer look, you can see my unbelievably high incompetence in building plastic tracks ...

And though the vehicle isn't finished yet, I decided to assemble lower and upper half so far.

You may now kiss the bride!

But wait! We're not done yet!

The 3-wheeled Gallian truck has also been assembled a bit further.

First of all, the back axle had to be redone. Thanks to my friend, who had helped me with some material, I was able to finish that job quite fast.

Following this step, I went on assembling the tires and sanding the front, just to fit in the third tire and actually finish the chassis.

And guess what? It looks awesome! ! :_D

But, and that is what hurts me most of it all: I was able to cut three of my fingers four times and plunge the drill three times into two fingers.

I should have considered becoming a surgeon ... cutting open bodies (especially my own) has been one of my major activities in recent times ...

So, Rosie, what do we learn from this?
You might be a Darcsen-hater. But first comes aid! Hate comes later!

See you on the next update!

Take care!


Dienstag, 27. Mai 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 09 – Flying pigs and swollen noses ...

Hi all!

Still working on the Hetzer.

Started the second tread as well as the upper hull.

Next thing to be done was the gun, but as this is a special element, I had to prepare for some more alterations first.

Then, finally, I managed to finish the second track as well … and it looks as messy as the first one does.

Follwing that I mounted the “Big Boy”, the gun. Next thing to do was the gun mantlet.

Yeah, the gun has been taken from an 1/35 model kit of an KV-1. And yeah, at this point of the assembly process it somehow looked weird. But later on, you won’t see anything of this anymore – unless you are a flying porcavian-pig thing called Hans.


But having proceeded as far as of now, I can go on telling you what happened then.

After having spent some more time on miniatures of different projects and the Gallian command vehicle, I decided to start the gun mantlet.

It resulted in what looked closely to a tank hunter suffering from an allergy … his nose seemed to be swollen …

Still unfinished, but with a few more adjustments, I think this could look quite nice!

See you on the next update!

Take care


Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 08 – Let’s Hetz!

Hi all,

This one originally is quite older, but as it takes a lot of time for me to translate my construction reports into English, I am now proudly presenting you: The Gallian Tank Hunter 38, a VC version of the infamous German Jagdpanzer 38 (t), called Hetzer.

VC fans now will scratch their heads asking me why I'm constructing a vehicle that didn’t make it into the actual game.
Well – here’s the answer: because I can.

I liked the Hetzer Tank Hunter from the first time I saw him (though I liked the Jagdpanther more) and using the vehicle in COH: BK mod regularly it just seems fair to make a VC version of it.
But as the VC Hetzer is from an early stage of the game, when those tracked vehicles were still using some kind of a petroleum fuelled engine, I’ll have to do some alterations to the engine.

My source. This Hetzer has Gallian markings on it.
Picture is taken from the Valkyria Chronicles Design Archive

Luckily, I was able to get an old model kit of a 10,5 Howitzer prototype mounted on the Hetzer running gear.
At first I started staring at the construction manual of the kit, laughing my butt off.
I have to admit, in German this sounds even more ridiculous than it does in English.

Then I started constructing the tank, having in mind to assemble the kit as it was shown in the manual and just alter the visible parts of the propulsion system.
I was looking forward to a wide-ranging cooperation, but was mistaken.
In fact, the tank resisted my attempts to assemble it very successful, so I was driven to both shame and some kind of respect for it. It was just like fighting the “big brother” on the battlefield.
The left main drive spocket snapped in half several times, because its mounting was unbelievably thin. After having fought the problem for at least an hour, I caught sight of a short notice set somewhere near the edge of the page explaining that the side I was assembling actually was the side that originally belonged to the other side of the lower hull (and all that in broken German of course)

To sum it up: let’s have a look at all those moments filled with success and relief:

And a short glimpse on what all those other moments were like:

But I hadn't reached the end of the line by then … it went on. Treads. I mean, actually, I like treads mounted on a tank. But treads made of several dozens of plastic elements which have to be put together … no. I hate them.

As you can guess, my assembly attempt totally went wrong. Yeah – I have had better times in life …

But can’t be helped. I’ll need to go on with the vehicle and later find some solution …

See you on the next update!

Take care