Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

Elysian interlude/Special Forces of ha'Aretz WIP

Hi all,

This time, I have no update on my Gallian Army to show you. So here is a little update on my Elysians. Actually, there are two new WIPs. On this one, the weapon desintegrated after I dropped it on the floor. So I had to create a new weapon. Did it using the remnants of an Elysian shotgun. As I said: Still WIP, but still I am curious - what do you think so far?

And this one? Well, yeah. It is a little conversion, giving him a German long range recon unit look. I really like how the smock has come out, though you can't see it through all this stuff :-D

And just, before anyone asks: No, that's not the now-headless-Nick. New heads for my Elysians are on the way, so I hope he will get a completely different look soon :-D

So take care and see you on the next update

All the best



  1. Sieht sehr gut aus, sehr realistisch. Vor allem der "Sohlengang"...

    1. Schön, dass er dir gefällt, Opa :-D Habe auch lange dran gebastelt, bis es passte ^^