Freitag, 2. Mai 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 05 – Gallian APCs and more catastrophes …

Good evening all!

Another update!

The roof of the APC finally is near completion. Having sculpted the gunners cover, I still have to sand it. After that there have to be done some improvement on parts of it in order to make it’s look fitting to the whole design of the vehicle. But more of it later on.

Having received a box full of abandoned WWII stuff from a fellow miniature wargamer, I finally was able to attach some more equipment to my Gallian APC.
Therefore, I first went on finishing the vehicle’s bottom plate just to discover that the whole vehicles' rear seems to be wider than its front. Looks like Stargazer’s been skimping … Well …take that, ‘Gazer!

But that wasn’t all … actually I had to figure out that the “Magic Sculpt” stuff I used for spackling had somehow expanded. As a result, the whole bottom of the APC had become uneven. I hate my job.
The plastic sheet I prepared as some kind of closure to the bottom didn’t fit. I had to cut away parts of it until I finally gave up and accepted this failure as some kind of a Valkyrias’ revenge. I’ll put some green stuff on it later on.

And, Edy, what do we learn from this?

Darling - remember, remember and never forget!
Seems your model to be duff, maybe you need some green stuff.
Thanks, Edy!
But – and that is okay so far – the vehicle now has a front and a rear.
Let’s get back to the roof, which still is under construction.
Looking at the pictures from the design archive, I figured that the machine gun on the APC could easily be a .50 cal.
But as I didn’t have a kit with a .50 cal, I instead decided to use a MG 34. Well, I guess it is a MG 34. The cast is quite bad, so the whole thing looks like some kind of a … I don’t really know.
I once again had a look into the box containing this WWII stuff and … oh, whoaaah … found a .50 cal. That’s cool. And it also has a magazine box attached to it. That is much cooler!
So sanded and filed it a bit, put the machine gun and the gunners shield together and created some kind of a monopod, then drilled the hole into the roof.

After letting the construction dry for a few minutes, it finally was time to put the machine gun on the APCs roof. So I filed the monopod, put it on the roof and … I have to admit, I might have miscalculated the length of the vehicle at all.
“It is a little happy accident”, as Bob Ross would try to explain it. But I wasn’t happy. At least, I was really mad. And I mean: mad. Angry. Raging. Gnarararararar…

Shit. All those hand-made and quite detailed hatches I constructed didn’t fit, when I put the machine gun on the roof. Or better say: they would fit, but it would look like they had been attached to each other. Something I don’t want to happen at all.
So, what to do? Redo the MG? Hm. I liked it as it was by then. It totally fit. Would I have started to cut and sand parts from the machine gun, it could have resulted in losing a good-looking weapon and me getting even angrier.
Redoing the hatches would also have been a bad idea. It would have looked quite unrealistic.
After having spent some time on doing research and browsing through all three design archives, I finally developed an idea. Well … in Valkyria Chronicles III, there is a command vehicle Kurt Irving is “leading” the “Nameless” from. Why don’t do something similar? A “Vollketten-Führungsfahrzeug”, a full-tracked command vehicle.
That sounds awesome.
The Command Vehicle from Valkyria Chronicles III
(as shown in the Original Video Animation)
So far, so good. But Welkin – make a note: next time I assemble a vehicle like this, I’ll use a 251 half-track as base …

Okay. After having put the machine gun on the roof and letting the glue dry, tragedy struck again. Simple, violent comedy! The weapon extension was leaning to its left. Ah, come one! Are you serious? THAT’S NOT FUNNY!
Though it totally pissed me of I decided to leave it as it was.

But that didn't end my odyssey. I wanted to finish the roof a far as possible. So the next I had to complete were those handrails allowing soldiers to enter the top over the sides and prevent the hatches from directly smashing onto the roof when they are opened.
Unfortunately there weren’t any handrails in any of those kits which would fit onto the APC. So what should I do? Right – make them on my own.
I took pipes, grids and other stuff from several kits, started to cut parts away and glue them together again …

 After letting them dry, I just had to glue them to the vehicle. Looks good so far …

and the other side … 

What the ..?! What happened? Those legs I created seem to have become separated from the whole assembly while it dried. That resulted in them being misplaced now. Ah, come on! Not again!.
But well … can’t be helped right now. I’ll use some green stuff to correct that later.

The next work steps will include finishing the vehicles front and rear as well as the tracks. But more of that later on. For now I'll just lean back and enjoy that I am done for today.


  1. Holy crap! If it could go wrong, it did. It's as if the modelling gods are against you on this one. But hey, you're not giving up and when you get it done, you're going to really good about it.

    Keep going!

    1. Thank you, Anne! I try as hard as I can :-D