Dienstag, 27. Mai 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 09 – Flying pigs and swollen noses ...

Hi all!

Still working on the Hetzer.

Started the second tread as well as the upper hull.

Next thing to be done was the gun, but as this is a special element, I had to prepare for some more alterations first.

Then, finally, I managed to finish the second track as well … and it looks as messy as the first one does.

Follwing that I mounted the “Big Boy”, the gun. Next thing to do was the gun mantlet.

Yeah, the gun has been taken from an 1/35 model kit of an KV-1. And yeah, at this point of the assembly process it somehow looked weird. But later on, you won’t see anything of this anymore – unless you are a flying porcavian-pig thing called Hans.


But having proceeded as far as of now, I can go on telling you what happened then.

After having spent some more time on miniatures of different projects and the Gallian command vehicle, I decided to start the gun mantlet.

It resulted in what looked closely to a tank hunter suffering from an allergy … his nose seemed to be swollen …

Still unfinished, but with a few more adjustments, I think this could look quite nice!

See you on the next update!

Take care



  1. You're getting there on the tank, but it sure is difficult. I saw a pig fly overhead yesterday and was really scared that he'd drop a "bomb" on my automobile. But he didn't he just roosted in the tree in front of the house and make happy grunty sounds :)

    1. Thank you, Anne :-D

      Regarding the pig: well, Porcavians are nice fellows, so you don't have to fear them dropping something onto your car :D