Freitag, 30. Mai 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 10 – Oweth!

Hello all,

here we go again!

Well, the weather outside is frightful, but inside it's so delightful, so we will go on with some Gallian forces - One lancer, some vehicles, no horses ... aehm. Right. But afar from that ...

Started the construction of the first lancer, bringing the count of miniatures being under construction to a total of 5.

As most of my Gallian soldiers do, this guy will keep his helmet. Safety first!

The Hetzer got his forward mud flaps.

Then went on with the construction of the Ragnite engine. As I told before, I had to do some major adjustments in order to get the shape of the radiator quite right.

After the wohle construction had dried for at least 24 hours, I went on working on the cooling elements.

If you pay a closer look, you can see my unbelievably high incompetence in building plastic tracks ...

And though the vehicle isn't finished yet, I decided to assemble lower and upper half so far.

You may now kiss the bride!

But wait! We're not done yet!

The 3-wheeled Gallian truck has also been assembled a bit further.

First of all, the back axle had to be redone. Thanks to my friend, who had helped me with some material, I was able to finish that job quite fast.

Following this step, I went on assembling the tires and sanding the front, just to fit in the third tire and actually finish the chassis.

And guess what? It looks awesome! ! :_D

But, and that is what hurts me most of it all: I was able to cut three of my fingers four times and plunge the drill three times into two fingers.

I should have considered becoming a surgeon ... cutting open bodies (especially my own) has been one of my major activities in recent times ...

So, Rosie, what do we learn from this?
You might be a Darcsen-hater. But first comes aid! Hate comes later!

See you on the next update!

Take care!