Freitag, 27. Juni 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 15 - engine compartment II and side armor

Hello everyone,

Here we go again. After having spent some time on other projects and a lot of business, I am back with a small update on my Gallian Army.

There has been some progress on the Gallian Hetzer. The vehicle got it's first details as well as the side armour for its port side.


I also manged to finish another group of cooling elements.

Then I went on with the construction of the Gallian truck.

First of all, the bench seat managed to somehow separate from the driver's compartment.

How dare you? Die!

After having raged for some time I decided to finish the engine compartment, which resulted in this ...

... finally looking like this:

As you can see, the first vehicle is soon going to be finished ... at least I hope so.

See you on the next update

Take care!


Dienstag, 17. Juni 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 14 - radiator and engine compartment

Hi all,

here we go ... another small update. This time it somehow looks like I hardly did any progress, but I ensure you - it was quite some work to get this little progress done.

First of all, I continued creating the Hetzers radiator, totally failing in the first two attempts. Trying to cut those cooling elements out of the plastic plate I had finally didn't pay of. So I once again had to use Green Stuff to fix the problem.

Following that I continued assembling the Gallian truck. The engine compartment had to be done.
Though I did my very best, the first attempt using plastic sheets also went quite wrong, so I decided to try a mixture of plastic parts and Green Stuff.

It still looks a bit improvised, but I assure you that this is just the beginning. The overall construction will look great ... at least I hope so ...

So see you on the next update!

Take care


Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 13 - My precious .... time

Hi everyone,

Last time we stopped our Gallian tricyle already got its chassis. So today we will go on with a lot of Try-and-Error stuff and a lot of silly things that happening.

Having used the Valkyria Chronicles Design Archive as reference once more, I figured that the vehicles rear had to be adjusted. So I did that first.

I think those remnants can be used for something else later on.

Then it was time to assemble the whole construction. A lot of work, because I figured out I had miscalculated the height of the transport bags. So I first had to cut away some elements in order to make them fit to the load bed.

But as the has been in a very bad shape overall, the loading bed desintigrated when I put too much pressure on it.

I couldn't stand it ... Well yeah, can't be helped I guess. After having sanded and glued some parts, I was able to reconstruct it

So, I finally could go on.
Next step was to assemble the vehicles front. Therefore I sliced away the engine compartment, as I only needed the driver's cabin.

But I had to do some more adjustments. On one hand it was necessary to improve the cabins stability, on the other hand there were some minor issues matching it to the chassis.
So I took a plastic sheet and cut away some parts. The next picture shows what I had in mind.

Then I went on creating the whole front element. Therefore I started using Green Stuff and putting it onto the vehicle's body ...

... just to decide it didn't fit and remove it again.
After that I scratched a completely new front element out of another plastic sheet.

(This silly looking plank on the front is not intended to be used for letting some walk it but to estimate where and how the radiator has to be put in place.)

But as there was way too much green stuff left to just throw it away, I decided to also finish the front wheels mud guard.

Took some pictures …

... just to figure out that I had to do some minor changes. To be honest - I didn't take a picture of those.

Then, some more cooling elements were attached to the radiator of the Hetzer.

See you on the next update!

Take care!


Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 12 - Behind her blue flame

Hi all,

A lot of progress has been made on several topics I am working on, but at least I would like to show you this one:

I have been asking some ladies being members of the Association of Valkyrian Heritage  to support my Gallian Army project, but as Miss Selvaria Bles is already dead, Miss Alicia Melchiott is occupied baking bread, little Aliasse is busy planting Lion's Paw and Riela Marcellis isn't to be found at all, I had some minor problems convincing them to join my Gallian Army.

But as Valkyria Chronicles wouldn't be Valkyria Chronicles without Valkyrias ... I had to get a Valkyria somewhere.

"Let's call in the Valkyria!"
"Valkyria? Sir, there is no Valkyria."
"There has to be a Valkyria. It's Valkyria Chronicles.
And having a Valkyria is so much cooler than having none!
I am the General! I want a Valkyria! Now!"

So friend and fellow blogger Black Guardian heard my call for help and has been so kind to spend some time on sculpting a miniature that should meet my requirements. Some of you following his blog might remember this.

All others: let me introduce Selaine to you - she'll be the Gallian Valkyria fighting alongside with my army (at least when it is finished):

That now makes a count of three Gallian "troopers". More to come!

See you on the next update!

Take care!


Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 11 - APC and Sister Mills

Good evening all,

Well, it's Zero Dark Thirty now. I am frying a steak at the moment and meanwhile write this construction report, being proud of having achieved that much today.

After having been lazy last weekend, playing some matches of COH, Starbound and Airland Battle, as well as spending an evening watching animes, it today was time to return to my Gallian Army. I just felt I had to do something - maybe not making the difference, but nevertheless do something.
So I went on with some Gallian vehicles. As my wounds were healed by then, I was eager trying to cut my fingers again ...

But back to what I worked on today.

When I stopped last time, the Gallian tricyle looked like this:

But that's not what I wanted it to look like, as it is still unfinished and doesn't seem to be quite Gallian.

At first, I had to cut off some of the braces and, as I was already on it, also get rid of those storage boxes.
I won't need them any more. At least for this vehicle.

Though, those remnants can be used for other vehicles - maybe :-D.

But we're not done yet, 'cause:

... how true. But that's not what it's all about. It's about green stuff. You know, I couldn't stop thinking about it. So it was quite obvious that once again I had to work with it.
The outcome was quite nice, which you will see later on. But first I had to do some work on the the vehicles rear, especially constructing those fenders. To achieve this goal, I had to dismantle the vehicles front (after all, a three-wheeled vehicle with two front fenders looks silly).
So I cut off the fenders which lead the driver's cabin to desintegrate.
Okay, no problem. I sanded it.

But then, I finally was able to go on!

Constructing the fenders was quite some work. First I had to cut in shape two plastic elements so that the mudgards later would stay in place. Actually, I didn't find any hint how those elements are put into place, so I really like the idea I came up with :-D

After having celebrated my genius, I continued glueing the fenders to the chassis, trying to enhance their stability by using green stuff. At that time, I didn't know this simple task would cost me one and a half hours ..

But finally, the evil I was done. Time to finish work. But there still was some green stuff left. So, what do do with it? Right! Build some new storages boxes, Gallian style!

In conclusion:

I am suprised and happy at the same time. Up to 65 percent of the vehicle are done. Tomorrow, if there is time, I will go on bringing the rear into shape and constructing the front wheel mounting. That should make about 70%. Then there will be some work to be done on the engine cover, the driver's cabin and the load bed. And then, the vehicle is finished - well ... close to finished. There is still a paint job to do. (I think I should ask Anne for it. She wrote some time ago she would like to paint a tank. This at least is no tank, but who cares? No one will ever notice *lol*)

But, and this is what is most important: it was some hell of a funny evening. Having survived without any injuries, I am eager to see this whole construction being finished, ready to be shown to everyone and reading their comments like: "This looks kinda silly, dude!"

So cancel this Gallian Army project! Who cares? Let's build a miniature version of the small border town of Bruhl instead!

And my next goal is ... Bruhl Sister Mills.

See you on the next update!

Take care!


P.S.: And just in case you think, I mean it ... you're right! No, I am not intending to build Bruhl in its entirety, but I have been thinking about scratching those Sister Mills after having finished the first few of my units … if that happens, that would be absolutely awesome …

Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014

High Seas Fleet update

Hi all,

So, once again there is no update regarding the Gallian Army project, but I made some progress on my High Seas Fleet.

Finished SMS Seydlitz, SMS Pillau and SMS Wiesbaden recently. Yeah! Another three ships to add to my force, though this time the water effects didn't come out that good. But nevermind.

SMS Seydlitz:

SMS Pillau:

SMS Wiesbaden:

Next update is already on it's way, so stay tuned^^

Take care