Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 12 - Behind her blue flame

Hi all,

A lot of progress has been made on several topics I am working on, but at least I would like to show you this one:

I have been asking some ladies being members of the Association of Valkyrian Heritage  to support my Gallian Army project, but as Miss Selvaria Bles is already dead, Miss Alicia Melchiott is occupied baking bread, little Aliasse is busy planting Lion's Paw and Riela Marcellis isn't to be found at all, I had some minor problems convincing them to join my Gallian Army.

But as Valkyria Chronicles wouldn't be Valkyria Chronicles without Valkyrias ... I had to get a Valkyria somewhere.

"Let's call in the Valkyria!"
"Valkyria? Sir, there is no Valkyria."
"There has to be a Valkyria. It's Valkyria Chronicles.
And having a Valkyria is so much cooler than having none!
I am the General! I want a Valkyria! Now!"

So friend and fellow blogger Black Guardian heard my call for help and has been so kind to spend some time on sculpting a miniature that should meet my requirements. Some of you following his blog might remember this.

All others: let me introduce Selaine to you - she'll be the Gallian Valkyria fighting alongside with my army (at least when it is finished):

That now makes a count of three Gallian "troopers". More to come!

See you on the next update!

Take care!



  1. Gooood! I especially like the shading & highlight on the uniform!

  2. She looks very authentic. Nice piece of modification.

    1. Thank you, Michael :-D Actually it is scratch build up from the bottom to her white-haired top :-D. All done by Black Guardian, except for the paint job :_D

  3. At last she good some paint. She looks good.