Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 13 - My precious .... time

Hi everyone,

Last time we stopped our Gallian tricyle already got its chassis. So today we will go on with a lot of Try-and-Error stuff and a lot of silly things that happening.

Having used the Valkyria Chronicles Design Archive as reference once more, I figured that the vehicles rear had to be adjusted. So I did that first.

I think those remnants can be used for something else later on.

Then it was time to assemble the whole construction. A lot of work, because I figured out I had miscalculated the height of the transport bags. So I first had to cut away some elements in order to make them fit to the load bed.

But as the has been in a very bad shape overall, the loading bed desintigrated when I put too much pressure on it.

I couldn't stand it ... Well yeah, can't be helped I guess. After having sanded and glued some parts, I was able to reconstruct it

So, I finally could go on.
Next step was to assemble the vehicles front. Therefore I sliced away the engine compartment, as I only needed the driver's cabin.

But I had to do some more adjustments. On one hand it was necessary to improve the cabins stability, on the other hand there were some minor issues matching it to the chassis.
So I took a plastic sheet and cut away some parts. The next picture shows what I had in mind.

Then I went on creating the whole front element. Therefore I started using Green Stuff and putting it onto the vehicle's body ...

... just to decide it didn't fit and remove it again.
After that I scratched a completely new front element out of another plastic sheet.

(This silly looking plank on the front is not intended to be used for letting some walk it but to estimate where and how the radiator has to be put in place.)

But as there was way too much green stuff left to just throw it away, I decided to also finish the front wheels mud guard.

Took some pictures …

... just to figure out that I had to do some minor changes. To be honest - I didn't take a picture of those.

Then, some more cooling elements were attached to the radiator of the Hetzer.

See you on the next update!

Take care!


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