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The Princess and the Dragon - 20mm Qin-Army

Stargazers Elysium presents:



Joe Ma as Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor

Elanne Kong as Princess Yue:

and Jet Li as General Ma

That's it! Or ... at least ... it could be like that.

After having watched a lot of historical fiction television drama shows like "Relic of an Emissary" and "The Story of Han Dynasty" as well as the new anime show "Kingdom" and documentaries about the first Emperor of China, the Great Wall and the Terracotta Army, my interest in the history of Imperial China, especially the period of Qin Dynasty, rose again.
Knowing that some of my friends play DBA and WAB, I therefore decided to build up an Ancient China Army - not in its entirety for sure, as this would impoverish me.

But I think a small group for skirmishes or battles of company size will do very well. I still am not sure what kind of enemy they will face, but as most of the times, that doesn't matter for me at the moment.

The first group of Qin soldiers will be a range of Caesar miniatures I was able to get for only a few bucks. Yeah! As they are quite big, I think they will be made some kind of an Imperial Guard. Sadly I wasn't able to find any more miniatures for a Qin army, therefore I decided to buy a Han Chinese army from Newline Design Miniatures and use them as Qin Chinese. As I read and was assured by some Sinologists, most of the Han army - especially in the early years - beared some resemblance to what the military of Qin Dynasty had been like. Therefore I think it won't make that kind of a difference.

Same with the colors of the Qin uniform. I made some research on the topic, but wasn't able to find any solid clue on what the uniform colors of the were like. In documentaries Qin forces often wear black armor over a dark red uniform. In movies uniforms are completely dark. Books (for example Osprey) depict the uniform as being of a light blue tone, while the Terracotta Army has been painted in various colors ...

So, which way I should go? Having been searching the Internet for quite a while, I finally found the website "An Hour Of Wolves And Shattered Shields". The 28 mm Qin army on that website was painted in a rather dark tone with coloured sleeves and a golden armor. I quite like this variation of colors so I decided to adopt it, but adjust some elements to make them fit to my needs.

First of all I changed the armors color from black/golden to a more leather like tone, because I read that Qin soldiers wore a leather or bronze armor. Then I did some minor adjustments to shoes and shields and finished a first miniature to test if the whole idea works:

I already like it and think that I will go on with this sheme. And now I have got half a company under construction ...I guess I will never finish anything from my various projects ... *sigh*

That's it so far!

See you on the next update.

Take care!


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