Sonntag, 31. August 2014

Reinforcements have arrived!

Hello everyone,

Sadly I haven't finished anything during the last days, though there was some progress on the Gallian front. But that's the main topic for another post.
This time, I have got some reinforcements to present.
First of all, I would like to thank Opa Wuttke from A Fistful of Heroes, who was getting some miniatures himself and combined his order with mine. Thanks, Opi!

He enabled me to get some ANCIENT CHINESE, which I will add to my army sooner or later :-D
Have a look:

The pack consists of a few more archers and crossbowmen, a lot of cavalry, some war chariots and a bit of infantry. They will make a great addition to my current forces.

But that's NOT all!

I was also able to aquire some 1:3000 ships, suitable for early WWII scenarios and modern battles.

At first, there was this US NAVY carrier strike group, consisting of USS Lexington, USS Ranger, battleships, cruisers and destroyer. All are NAVWAR miniatures.

As I found someone who actually is interested in WWII Pacific theatre battles and already has a Japanese fleet ready for battle, I guess those US NAVY ships will be the next project to be finished.

I know, they are not exactly Pacific theatre, but who cares?

So, here we go: 

Or let's say it with the words of mighty BIG E - "Get that thing airborne!"

That's still not all!

Being interested into the Asian theatre every since I know it exists, I decided to take another group of mights ships from mighty fleets and let them battle in a more modern themed struggle.


I really tried to withstand this, as I have got so many different projects going, but finally couldn't resist.

So here they are:



The landing dock ship Ōsumi will lead a strike force of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Forces to counter Chinese forces in the western parts of the Pacific.


Centered around one of their newest vessels, the aircraft carrier Liaoning, the PLA Navy has been put to sea to let the world witness the might of China.

And as a modern scenario wouldn't be perfect, if it didn't have mission markers and some more vessels which make the scenario much more interesting, we got some merchants over here.

Both battlegroups consist of enough ships to display fights from a few ships onwards to big scale battles, so they are at least perfect to match my ideas on that topic.

I guess I found my next big project. YEAH!

But still I am a bit said I couldn't show you the newest development on the Gallian front. I will do soon, so please be patient :-D

See you on the next update!

Take care


Freitag, 22. August 2014

EU Battle Group and Elysian Special Forces - Struggling with my past

 Hello everyone,

I still got little to no time to go on with all that stuff I am working on, but nevertheless I decided to finish a few miniatures that were already on the brink of being completed. I never finished them though. Don't ask me why.

Well, now I did. The Germans and Austrians are ready for their deployment.

And there are also some Elysians I have been able to finish during the last days:

I am sorry I don't have got anything else to report, but I am quite busy (still) and there is only little to no progress on my various projects.

Maybe I will be able to present some more work during the next weeks.

So stay tuned

Take care!


Sonntag, 10. August 2014

Little interlude: JGSDF soldiers

Hello everyone,

Sorry that I don't post all too much. I am quite busy and have no time to work on my Gallian army. I just can paint from time to time. So I decided to take some of my US/IDF soldiers and paint them as Japanese Ground Self Defense Forces soldiers.

The camo is quite okay, though I still have to improve some parts. But nevertheless I really like the outcome.

That's all for now!

See you on the next update!

Take care^^