Samstag, 27. September 2014

US Navy Carrier Strike Group - Part I

 Good evening, everyone!

I am sorry I have been silent for so long, but I have been ill for quite some time now and though I was able to do my job, I had no energy left to work on miniatures for longer time, nor was I able to post some updates.

I am very sorry for that.

Nevertheless before I became ill, I was able to start the US Navy Carrier Strike Group I was about to assemble.

To be honest: it was quite disappointing to see how little details are on the vessels. I guess I am just too much into GHQ miniatures ... But it is okay, as the ships are very small themselves.

The first vessels I started were four destroyers and CV-2 Lexington. More to follow.

So I hope that soon I will be able to field a formidable force soon (maybe by end of the year?).

So far for now.

See you on the next update!



  1. it really is terrible to be ill. hope you get well soon.
    I know what you mean about the lack of detail on Navwar models. I have found that the German vessels for WW2 are better than most of the others though. I have never painted any GHQ models, but have seen them on the internet. I must buy some to paint up sometime.
    Keep looking after yourself, and I'll keep a lookout for your finished strike group.

    1. Yes, Sir! I'll do :-D Thank you for comment^^

      regarding the GHQ miniatures: I have got some of them (you'll find pictures of the in the Kaiserliche Marine section) and I really love them. They are quite good sculpted and make a nice addition to my other miniatures.

  2. Ich hatte 2011 tatsächlich mal dran gedacht, mein WWII-Pazifik-Projekt um eine maritime Komponente zu ergänzen, fand es aber müssig, weil das damals irgendwie niemand machte (als hätte jemand WWII Pazifik gemacht)...
    Ich find das jedenfalls cool !
    Natürlich würde ich die Kido Butai nehmen. Logisc.
    Tora! Tora! Tora!

    1. Danke Opi,

      schön, dass es dir gefällt^^

      Lettow dachte ähnlich wie du, also hat er ne japanische Komponente, die ich nun bekämpfen muss.
      Mal gucken, was draus wird. Ich bin auf jeden Fall gespannt^^