Samstag, 4. Oktober 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 19 - Tanks almost finished

Hello everyone!

Here's a more or less little update on the Gallian Army.

I have been working hard to compensate the little work done on the guys during the last weeks.
Finally I was able to finish Gallian Tank Hunter and Command Vehicle so far the apply a base coat. Though there are some parts of both vehicles to be overhauled, they are mostly done and will be painted during the next weeks. So stay tuned.

Here are some pics:

They are not perfect, I know, but considering that they are my first scratches (though not real scratches), I really LOVE them.

And, of course, some updates on the infantry:

 The engineer is almost finished, while the Lancer and the Shock Troopers are still under construction.

This concludes today's update. I hope I will be able to present the finished tanks on the next one!

See you then!

Stay tuned