Sonntag, 30. November 2014

JGSDF - Second fire team, Platoon commander and Sniper

Konnichi wa,

Here I am again with an interlude. As my Gallian vehicles and scenery are drying at the moment (or I am just too lazy to go on with them), I decided to finish another infantry unit for my JGSDF (Rikujō Jieitai) airborne company.

I don't know why it suddenly became interesting for me, but during one night I at least finished 6 people. I am surprised myself, as I had them hanging around on my WIP list for some weeks now.

But it doesn't matter. What matters is that now we have got another fire team, consisting of three riflemen and one MANPADS operator. The MANPADS system is a licensed Japanese version of the Stinger MANPADS, called Type 91 Kai-SAM or "Hand Arrow".

As I wrote before I still wasn't able to stop and also finished a platoon commander and a sniper.

That makes at least 10 men ready for combat. Now I need to do some anti-tank weapons and machine guns for support.

See you on the next update!

Take care

Sonntag, 23. November 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 23 - Beautiful Gallia

Time to go on, everybody!

As the truck now is close to be finished, my gaze turns towards the wonderful landscape of a wonderful country.

Yeah, I know. I have got some infantry to go on with, but at the moment I am way too lazy to continue those.

So I decided to start with the first "real" pieces of terrain.

In a spare parts box, given to me by a fellow wargamer, I found the remnants of a building which I figured would be fitting for my plans, so it is time to get myself into ....

Beautiful Gallia!

Actually the building seems to be an 1/87 scale building, which lets it seem to be quite small related to the 1/72 scale soldiers. But who cares? It still is a building, so I just have to do some alterations to it to make it fit.

1st: changing door and windows. Those were in a very bad shape so I already broke the off and made new ones. I just need to add some stuff to make them fit into the overall picture.
2nd: chimney. It didn't have one, so I had to create one.
3rd: base: I just love bases, so it is obvious that this one is getting a base, too.
4th: changing the roof. Didn't like it, so I will change it. I have no idea how the new roof will look like, but definitely different.

Alright: So that is what the building looks like after the initial work steps.


Will be updated soon. I promise :-D

Oh, yeah - nearly forgot:

The truck is almost finished, I already told ya. But the overall steps I made, I forgot to talk about:

I attached a tarpaulin to it, as the original vehicle has, but also did some alterations due to my limited skills.


Then it was time to start the base. I decided to do it like a dirt road, which in my opinion is typcial for northern Gallia.


It still is under construction, but a little test fitting with the truck it may soon carry proved that it perfectly fits.


That concludes this update.

See you on the next one :-D

Take care!

Sonntag, 16. November 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 22 - How do I get to Randgriz?

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday I was quite busy doing stuff, but wanted to finish a little idea I had while working on the Tricycle. And as written in my previous post, this one was made entirely out of plastic remains, Magic Sculpt and a flat washer.

So, if it happens that you find yourself someday lost in Gallia, just look for the direction.

Wo bitte geht's nach Randgriz? - Da lang! (How do I get to Randgriz? - That way!)

I have to admit: yes, the Randgriz sign looks disturbing. My fault. How the hell should I know that you actually spell Randgriz with an "D"? No, really. How should I know? Yes, right. Look into the book, it is right at your side. Well. Would I have done it without "D", the "Z" would look much more appealing.

I tried it four times until it looked a bit okay for me. I don't want to destroy it now that it seems to be okay so far.

If anyone asks - it was made by a North-Gallian peasant.

The backside of the road sign has been left blank intentionally. It can be used everytime there is a crossroads that doesn't lead to Vasel, Randgriz, Bruhl and Yuell. He he he.
Coming next will be a base for the Gallian truck and a small house. The truck meanwhile has to dry another day. I somehow managed to put a pan on it. Don't ask how that worked.

Seriously, man?

That's all for today.

See you on the next update.

Take care!

Samstag, 15. November 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 21 - Truck one reaching the 'finals'

Hello everyone,

Once again I claim to almost have something finished. This time it is the Gallian Truck that should be done in about one or two more steps.

All main elements have been finished, so I now need to correct a few things before applying the paint.

Yes, I know - the roof looks weird. It hasn't been glued to the body yet. Need to find some windows first. :-D
And, which is more interesting: The vehicle at all looks a bit uneven. My mistake, I know. But to be honest: I didn't see it until now. Well, I guess that is the revenge for my ironic and sarcastic comments during construction. Well, I guess better than having my butt kicked by some valkyrian-blooded bread baking Bruhl burgess.
I'll correct that later. Let's give the whole thing time to dry. Was hard enough to get it done. Don't need to destroy it right away.

Anyway. Now that the vehicle is finished so far, have a look on those screenshots I took while playing VC on PC (ha ha ha).
Here you can see what the vehicle looks like in the game. There are some minor adjustments to the Design Archive, on which my truck is based. I also did some alterations due to my limited skills.
No copyright infringement intended.

Front side:

Back side:

I am quite confused that the vehicle obviously has a license plate, but no taillight. From what I know even the German Opel Blitz, which in it's majority was a military vehicle had a taillight. So, what do you think? Taillight or no taillight? (That is the question.)

In the end, I had way to much Magic Sculpt stuff remaining, so I decided to start my first terrain/marker thing, a roadsign. It is not finished yet, but soon will be :-D

That's all for now.

See you on the next update!

Donnerstag, 6. November 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 20 - Not cel-shaded graphics, but nonetheless ...

Hello everyone and welcome back.

It took quite a long time. I had a lot of stuff to do and wanted to show something really nice instead of endlessly ongoing WIP coated in green and grey.
So I met with this nice guy from my neighbourhood. I talked about him in an earlier post. I somehow got him into VC, so he bought this nice 1/35 Edelweiss tank and an airbrush pistol, too.

Well, as he is not all too far into this airbrush stuff, we decided to "test" it with my vehicles. And guess what? Haha, it looks like Gallia.

Eager to see, aren't you?

So, our very first attempt using airbrush, masking tape and our fantasy allowed us to achieve a goal that big we didn't know if we could at least achieve it in the first place. I mean - it was Took me a few hours to apply all the masking tape elements on both vehicles ... Haha, I am slow.
But nevermind.

Having tried to recreate the Gallian Army armor camouflage, we came out with this:

Sadly, the tracks and antennas weren't able to withstand the gravity of their existence and broke off. Thank you

No worries, Welkin. We fix that later.

In order to prevent that from happening again in the future we decided to later create a vehicle base for all the Gallian vehicles. I know it is not the best opportunity to be chosen, but in my opinion, I think it's acceptable (especially when used with all the other bases of miniatures and terrain ...).

I went on working on the engineer, who sadly didn't make it ... into this update. So he will be there on the next one.
And for sure the Gallian tricycle ... tricycle ... tricycle made some progress.
Looks now like this:

It's still not the prettiest thing ever, but it soon will be. Look at its "hat".

That looks quite Gallian. Or at least like a maid.

Meanwhile my comrade spent some time on both Hetzer and Command Vehicle where he concluded that we had to rethink our plan to airbrush those Gallian markings on the vehicles sides. Using masking tape didn't work in the first place.
I have to get into that stuff once again sometime later.

Nonetheless we were able to find out that in cases of emergency the bagpacks put on the CV can be removed very fast. So no problem for the crew when forced to bailout.

And with its designated base:

The Hetzer was quite easier to work on, though my comrade did it all himself. He was so damned proud of his airbrush paint job that he didn't want me to ruin it. I can fully understand him and I am proud of him, too. He did a very good job.

That's the reason he was a bit disappointed by the photos I took as he invested more time in both vehicles weathering and the equipment which can't be seen right now. But no fear, my friend. We will make "better" pictures when those guys are finished. I mean - this is WIP.

There are still some improvements to make, but for now ... say what you want ... it's Gallia.

And a little though of mine how the Gallian markings are thought to be put on the vehicle. I have to think about how to get that done.

It is just a product placement. Come to Gallian soil.
We need more people!

As you can see - the Gallia project is progressing. Slowly, but progressing.
Maybe I should consider making a mould for creating the armor of the Gallian soldiers.
I need more infantry. Soon!

Gimme that! Wanna make mould! Waaargh!

Oh, yeah - just before I forget to tell you that: Sega decided to put VC I to PC (finally). Will be there on 11th of November. Yee-haaah! So, every fan of the series and everyone who wants to become it, get you funds together :-D

See you on the next update.

Take care