Samstag, 15. November 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 21 - Truck one reaching the 'finals'

Hello everyone,

Once again I claim to almost have something finished. This time it is the Gallian Truck that should be done in about one or two more steps.

All main elements have been finished, so I now need to correct a few things before applying the paint.

Yes, I know - the roof looks weird. It hasn't been glued to the body yet. Need to find some windows first. :-D
And, which is more interesting: The vehicle at all looks a bit uneven. My mistake, I know. But to be honest: I didn't see it until now. Well, I guess that is the revenge for my ironic and sarcastic comments during construction. Well, I guess better than having my butt kicked by some valkyrian-blooded bread baking Bruhl burgess.
I'll correct that later. Let's give the whole thing time to dry. Was hard enough to get it done. Don't need to destroy it right away.

Anyway. Now that the vehicle is finished so far, have a look on those screenshots I took while playing VC on PC (ha ha ha).
Here you can see what the vehicle looks like in the game. There are some minor adjustments to the Design Archive, on which my truck is based. I also did some alterations due to my limited skills.
No copyright infringement intended.

Front side:

Back side:

I am quite confused that the vehicle obviously has a license plate, but no taillight. From what I know even the German Opel Blitz, which in it's majority was a military vehicle had a taillight. So, what do you think? Taillight or no taillight? (That is the question.)

In the end, I had way to much Magic Sculpt stuff remaining, so I decided to start my first terrain/marker thing, a roadsign. It is not finished yet, but soon will be :-D

That's all for now.

See you on the next update!


  1. Interesting model. If you add lights you may have problems with them breaking off so not an easy answer

    1. Yeah. I guess so. I have to think about a bit more :-D Thanks for the comment.

  2. Eigentlich sieht dieses Dreirad doch richtig cool aus. Ich war amfangs irgendwie skeptisch, aber jetzt ja

    1. Ach, so ist das? Ich bin enttäuscht, Opi. Kein Vertrauen in die Jugend, ja? Tz.

      Aber danke für den Comment und den Zuspruch ^^