Sonntag, 16. November 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 22 - How do I get to Randgriz?

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday I was quite busy doing stuff, but wanted to finish a little idea I had while working on the Tricycle. And as written in my previous post, this one was made entirely out of plastic remains, Magic Sculpt and a flat washer.

So, if it happens that you find yourself someday lost in Gallia, just look for the direction.

Wo bitte geht's nach Randgriz? - Da lang! (How do I get to Randgriz? - That way!)

I have to admit: yes, the Randgriz sign looks disturbing. My fault. How the hell should I know that you actually spell Randgriz with an "D"? No, really. How should I know? Yes, right. Look into the book, it is right at your side. Well. Would I have done it without "D", the "Z" would look much more appealing.

I tried it four times until it looked a bit okay for me. I don't want to destroy it now that it seems to be okay so far.

If anyone asks - it was made by a North-Gallian peasant.

The backside of the road sign has been left blank intentionally. It can be used everytime there is a crossroads that doesn't lead to Vasel, Randgriz, Bruhl and Yuell. He he he.
Coming next will be a base for the Gallian truck and a small house. The truck meanwhile has to dry another day. I somehow managed to put a pan on it. Don't ask how that worked.

Seriously, man?

That's all for today.

See you on the next update.

Take care!