Sonntag, 23. November 2014

Gallian Army Construction Report No 23 - Beautiful Gallia

Time to go on, everybody!

As the truck now is close to be finished, my gaze turns towards the wonderful landscape of a wonderful country.

Yeah, I know. I have got some infantry to go on with, but at the moment I am way too lazy to continue those.

So I decided to start with the first "real" pieces of terrain.

In a spare parts box, given to me by a fellow wargamer, I found the remnants of a building which I figured would be fitting for my plans, so it is time to get myself into ....

Beautiful Gallia!

Actually the building seems to be an 1/87 scale building, which lets it seem to be quite small related to the 1/72 scale soldiers. But who cares? It still is a building, so I just have to do some alterations to it to make it fit.

1st: changing door and windows. Those were in a very bad shape so I already broke the off and made new ones. I just need to add some stuff to make them fit into the overall picture.
2nd: chimney. It didn't have one, so I had to create one.
3rd: base: I just love bases, so it is obvious that this one is getting a base, too.
4th: changing the roof. Didn't like it, so I will change it. I have no idea how the new roof will look like, but definitely different.

Alright: So that is what the building looks like after the initial work steps.


Will be updated soon. I promise :-D

Oh, yeah - nearly forgot:

The truck is almost finished, I already told ya. But the overall steps I made, I forgot to talk about:

I attached a tarpaulin to it, as the original vehicle has, but also did some alterations due to my limited skills.


Then it was time to start the base. I decided to do it like a dirt road, which in my opinion is typcial for northern Gallia.


It still is under construction, but a little test fitting with the truck it may soon carry proved that it perfectly fits.


That concludes this update.

See you on the next one :-D

Take care!


  1. One of the things I liked about Valkyria was the look of Gallia, so I am glad you are doing some scenery. IN my experience, you can get away with smaller scales for buildings and bigger figures, but not the other way around. Most model building footprints are too big for most ground scales anyway.
    Keep up the good work,

    1. Hi Michael,

      And thank you for your comment. I am glad to see you actually know the game itself and can compare my work to it. I think you are right regarding the buildings, as I have been using smaller buildings as terrain before and they always seem to work. Though they are a bit small in that scale, they are still okay, so I think that should be no big problem.

      I am happy you like my work so far!

      All the best