Montag, 26. Januar 2015

Gallian Army Construction Report No 27 - Much done, but not enough ...

Hello everyone!

A lot of stuff has been done by now, a lot of stuff is still to be done. So we are starting the new year with a little glimpse onto the battlefields of Gallia.

Currently there are a few vehicles standing around, being all but finished. They could be done by now, but to achieve that goal it would be necessary to finish those decals I am currently working on. But somehow I feel a bit lazy and unmotivated to finish them ... lol.

Nonetheless there has been some progress. I continued working on three flag points which were started during the last year.

They are not finished yet. The bases have still to be done as well as the flags themselves.

Then I received a big package full of old miniature kits, vehicles and ... trees. Yes, a lot of model train firs, which will make a great addition to terrain bases.

And finally I got the kit of a post mill. Though I am more the fan of smock mills, this one will become part of the Gallian landscape. I figured that it would fit.
It still seems to be a bit out of shape, which is due to the fact that there was some need to modify some elements. But when it is finished, it will look good. The stairs are a bit short, therefore I need to do some modifications to it, too.

Nonetheless: for now I am going to reduce my engagement in Gallia for the time being. I need (and want) to continue with some other projects, especially my US Navy and my Qin Army. Therefore I'll cut back my work on the Gallian stuff, but not discontinue it! No fear.

That's all for now!

See you on the next update!

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