Sonntag, 15. März 2015

Guardians of Aretz - Gravschirmjäger, Emperors Guard and Jäkari

Here we go again,

Finally some of the Aretzian soldiers are ready to be painted.

First of all, another heavy weapon team and a Gravschirmjäger are done so far.

Then we have got the first 13 members of the Emperors Guard.

And three female commissars/officers.

Those will be painted somewhen else ... but for now we have got some really bad girls which I finished today.

On a German tabletop convention I had the opportunity to buy some female soldiers which fit perfectly to the Elysian troopers.
I want to use them as "Jäkari", some kind of a female Ranger unit. They are what Kasrkin are in the 40k universe or Navy SEALs in the real world. There will be 12 of them for the time being.

Their design is heavily influenced by the Kyoshi warriors from the TV show "The Last Airbender" as they should differ from the overall design of my army. And I think it fits well.

The first one was finished some days ago, but I used her as some kind of a test figure. But as of today, they are already four.

The other three are a female operator - I'll use her as sergeant, and two gun...girls. As I had to sculpt the skirts myself, some of my fingerprints are left on them. I know. Wasn't able to sand them away in the first place. so I now leave them on the skirts. I will survive it :D

I am happy I finally made some progress. Nonetheless - it is like the Gallian Army project: I have got so many ideas but little time. I hope that there will be some more to show soon.

To be continued ...

See you on the next update.

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