Sonntag, 8. März 2015

Some news from the Empire of Aretz

Hello everyone!

Let's enjoy another update.

As far as my Science Fiction project is concerned, there has been suprisingly much progress.
I bought some more stuff, which arguably is interesting, but isn't topic of this update. (Haha, who would have guessed ...?)

Those who have been following my blog for some time maybe remember the "Eisenkern"- storm trooper I had bought some time ago and started to assemble but never finished. Well. During the disposal of some old stuff I found the packages again and decided that it could be wise to go on with this part of the Aretzian forces.
So I put all the stuff together - the 10 storm troopers I already had started and the 30 I still have to do and just used one whole afternoon to get as much done as I could.

After I had "finished" the 10 guys that were already about to be done, I went on getting the other 30 out of their sprues. First the bases and legs ...

... then body parts, backpacks and heads.

After all the parts were separated, it was time to glue them together.

But - haha - guess what? That ended my motivation. After around five hours of work with those guys and a bit of other stuff (which wasn't covered in this update), I just wanted to do some other stuff.

To be continued ...

See you on the next update!

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