Montag, 27. April 2015

Gallian Army Construction Report No 30 - Poking a miniature builder with a Valkyrian lance

I am back!

My travel, which has kept me busy for almost all of April, is over now. There are a lot of pictures and videos I have to review before writing the next travel report but I am already back at the working table.
I did it at gunpoint – or more “lance point” (so to speak). Since the end of April, I have got a new roommate who is poking me all the time trying to force me to continue my Gallia project.

"Do it! Do it now!"
"Ai - my eye!"

Actually my interest in Valkyria Chronicles has been revived during my travel due to the fact that besides Selvaria, who is stabbing her lance in my eye all day, I was able to persuade a second Valkyria (Riela) and two girls from the Lanseal military academy (Juliana and Cosette) to join me on my travel back home.

May the Valkyrur be with me!

Anyway – my motivation to go back to Gallia was quite high, so I decided to start the assembly of the buildings I had bought before.

The first I had to do was cleaning the parts of all remaining flash. It wasn’t that much, but some of it was really fighting my plans to remove it. During that I already managed to break some of the really well made windows in parts or at all. Let’s ignore this stupidity for the moment.

Then I went on finally assembling all of the prepared parts. While doing so I had to face further problems, especially regarding the fitting of the resin parts. They are well made, but when I was away some of them seemed to have warped slightly. Thanks to the help of hot water I was able to get rid of this issue in an acceptable way.

That enabled me to finish first the chimney of one building before gluing the rest of the buildings together. Gaps were eliminated by the use of magic sculpt.

While assembling the parts it became more and more obvious for me that for whatever reason one of the buildings was not working out as planned.
The sidewalls and overall building looked quite well, but when I tried to assembly the roof it didn’t fit. I haven’t found out yet what the problem might be, but I will meditate and maybe receive an answer by Mushdamma or Ptah on the question what went wrong – or write an e-mail to a nearby architecture office regarding the construction of half-timbered houses …

But one of the buildings got finished after all.

Oh, yeah!

Let’s give it one night to dry. After that I will apply a base coat and start painting. In the end I will create some windows with curtains.

So stay tuned!

The next update is already on its way!

See you then

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