Freitag, 10. April 2015

Where the hell is Matt? - But much more important … where the hell am I?!

Hello everyone!

It has been some time since my last post and I just figured out my viewer ratings have dropped significantly. How shameful for me. Time to post an update.

No – seriously: I have been very active during the last weeks travelling and didn’t have any time or energy left to post anything English as it always is some work for me translating my German thoughts into another language.

Still I was able to finish my Stargazer fanfiction story set in the Warhammer 40k universe. That will end my engagement into WH40K once and for all. At least for the time being … haha.

So, as my travel continues, I am getting back into Valkyria Chronicles more and more as well as my European battle group, though I am currently thinking about repainting some of the figures to match them to a more European climate and therefore make them fit to more battlefields than only the Middle East. I also have some ideas regarding my SciFi setting.

But those are future plans. Currently I am just enjoying my journey and hope that you all are doing well.

Let’s enjoy some pictures:

My journey started at Hamburg Airport in cold weather and with a lot of rain. I don’t want to get into detail now, as this requires a lot more time than I have got at the moment.

I didn’t take any picture of Hamburg or Munich, which was my second station before heading overseas. But the cloud cover over Germany may give an indication of how nice the weather was.

Looks like snow, but in fact it's a bunch of clouds

Munich offered only a short break – consisting of a few minutes at least, before my connection flight was departing.

We went over Germany, back to the north, then turned into foreign airspace.

Our travel continued for hours. Outside the plane it got darker and darker … Thinking of it now, we didn’t have any normal darkness that night. It was increased darkness.

Doesn’t look that dark, does it?
Yeah … it still was evening

Then I had dinner. If I remember correctly, it was chicken. Hey - this is how the short movie "United 300" began: “Would you like the chicken or the fish?” – “The chicken – and the control of this airplane”.
Luckily, nothing similar happened. I would have been very disappointed. In that movie they tried to take the airplane to Germany. I came from there. It would have been a quite unpleasant experience.

This is a well-organized table! You have done a man's job, sir!

Then I somehow found sleep, slept well through the night and woke up before the sun showed itself, walked around and met nice people. I met a Jewish Russian, who was planning to move to another country, because he felt neither welcome in Russia nor in Israel, some German travellers who were concerned not getting enough sleep before continuing their travel by car, and a little girl, travelling alone for the first time. That gave me a bad feeling, thinking back to the fatal crash of Germanwings flight 9525, which had crashed just a few days earlier. It was not because of possible causes for aircraft crashes or fear of anything that could happen to me. I am aware I need to trust the pilots and cabin crew (as well as the technicians on the ground) if I want to feel save in an airplane. It already pissed me off when before the flight friends of mine raised thoughts about the safety of flying and if I shouldn’t be afraid to now take such a long trip because of "constant" airplane accidents.
No, the reason I felt bad was that I thought about what this girl may have felt like if the plane for whatever case would have gone done. I mean … she was all alone, had no one. I really thought about that, but finally concluded that (as always) everything will proceed according to plan.

Meanwhile my TCR, my “Travel Companion Rhino”, was looking for any clue on our position.

Just to take a short nap before breakfast.

Don’t raise your eyebrows! It was a gift from my brother years ago. Some kind of a lucky charm that should protect me while being in the navy. Since then he has travelled with me all over the place – the rhino, not my brother.

The flight continued over barren lands, hills and mountains, full of snow and almost no trees. I got reminded of all that scorched earth you read about in Warhammer 40k novels. Impressive, but also a bit uncanny. "You're crossing the middle of nowhere, my friend." Uhhhhh ....

And then, suddenly, there was sea. Water all around us. From the barren, uninhabited land up onto the blue infinty. For almost an hour we flew, continuing through the air like a bird, though much higher and faster. But then again, suddenly, mountains!

Argh - wrong picture. This is still the barren land from before. Gimme a second ... where did I put the other one?

Yeah! This one! So. Aehm ... mountains! Suddenly! It was like columbus finding land. My TCR was hopping around. I can fully understand him. Fur soakes wet quite easily.

Now we were almost there ... and finally ...

Look out there.
Tell me, what do you see?
I see clouds ... I see palaces, I see steeples:
I see civilization ...
and I see spires that reach ... to the sky.

After almost 11 hours in the heart of the blue yonder, I was back on earth. I said bye to the Jewish-Russian, who I hope I will meet again one day, crossed my fingers for the poor German travellers, who would now go on with a rental car on roads they are not used to and watched the girl being reunited with her family. All in all a wonderful, though funnily "catastrophic" journey. But that is a topic I will spare for another post.
My TCR used the time to befriend himself with the ground crew and mark his territory.

Now I am far and away ... but where?! Do you have got any idea? If so, just post it in the comments. Otherwise I will tell you on the next update!

See you then!

Take care (or, in the case of those German travellers: a car)

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