Samstag, 20. Juni 2015

Another bunch of Qin warriors

Hello everyone!

Here we go again. Once again I was able to finish some Qin warriors. This time it is a unit leader, three swordsmen and two halberdiers (or daggeraxe-iers).

More to come.

I know it is just a small update and  currently I don't have got much to say. My Gallia project also hasn't made much progress. I know that all, but currently - and as long as I am motivated to do so - I would like to continue the work on my Qin army to maybe make those guys the next project to be finished (as long as I don't buy more of them ...)

So stay tuned!

See you on the next update


  1. Sehen wiederum sehr schick aus. So langsam nimmt die Streitmacht Formen an...

    1. Ja! Mal gucken was draus wird, wenn sie fertig sind! Wie ist denn eigentlich mit deinen Jungs? Werden die auch noch fertig?

  2. Great post.
    2015 the year Ancient China becomes main stream.

    1. Maybe - I don't know. But is a really interesting part of world history and therefore I like it :-D

      Thanks for the comment!