Freitag, 5. Juni 2015

Gallian Army Construction Report No 31 - Building a (second) House in the Middle of a Street

Good morning everyone!

It might be a street in the rather small, but beautiful border town of Bruhl or maybe a road somewhere South near the old Leanbluff forest - but it still is a road that now consists of two houses.

After I almost finished constructing the first building during my previous visit to Gallia, I now have almost finished the construction of the second building. It wasn't all too easy, because there were some parts more or less out of shape which had to be warped in place using a lot of hot water and some force. But it worked. After having put together all parts and closed existing gaps using some grey stuff sculpting material, I now just need to redo the upper parts of the chimney, as they broke off during transportation. Then the base coat can be applied and after that the real fun begins.

Speaking of real fun: I already started painting the first building, using the Gallian landscape pictures from the Design Archive as reference. As of now, most of the front side is finished, but I am currently working on the others sides as well.
I do it all by hand, which is much work and I guess there are methods which would simplify the work, but actually it is much fun for me. And it looks like Gallia, which is quite satisfying.

I didn't do the chimney until now, as I had do close another gap that I didn't see in the first place, and the window frames are also a bit ... broken. But: who cares? I mean - it is a war-torn country.

Anyway. Here is a little glimpse of what the building should look like when it is finished:

And that concludes this update. I'll now get back to watching "Three Kingdoms" and collecting ideas for my ancient Chinese army,  which the next update will be centered around.

Hope to see you then!

Enjoy you weekend

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