Samstag, 27. Juni 2015

Qin army WIP 3 and some finished warriors

Hello everyone!

Today, my comrade and I met to push the Qin army project forward again. While I was battling the infantry, he took some time reading in a book about painting techniques and then started working on the cavalry.
Five hours later we had made some progress, were tired but quite happy.

Let's have a short look onto the current state of the army. I know it looks totally unorganized and chaotic - but that is okay. It matches my state of mind as well as my table.

Our soon-to-be chariot crews plus their general. All are ready to be painted and awaiting their colours eagerly.

The chariot bases are now completely dry and ready to be covered in sand. But before that happens, the horses have to be finished - otherwise the whole construction ends in catastrophy.

The chariots - hail to you, Qvadriga! Base colours have been applied. No it is time to work out the details.

The first four javelinmen are finished so far. There are still some highlights and corrections to make, but when that is done, they are fully finished and ready to present themselves to the public.

Some other javelinmen are lost between the trees in the peach garden ... did I say trees? I actually mean colour ... eh ... bottles.

Then, all cavalry horses are close to be finished. All base colors and first highlights have been applied.
All credit for this goes to my comrade, who is a really fast and great painter. (He already hates the thought that he forgot about the chariot horses, which in fact are more than the cavalry units :-P)

The cavalrymen have also received some attention and will soon get all the attention needed to get them ready for action.

Then we have got the plastic soldiers. Much progress has been made on these fellows. Still there is much more to do.

Some goes for the lead miniatures. Yeah. We are making progress. I am really proud of us.

Actually we finished some of the figures. Let's have a look into this:

That concludes our latest session, full of fun, humor and some light background music. It's just too sad I won't be able to work on the project during the next week ... errrr.

Anyway: Thanks again to my comrade, who does not only make great company but also wonderful horses :-D

See you on the next update!

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