Samstag, 4. Juli 2015

IDF overhaul

 Hello everyone!

Do you remember the IDF forces I started this blog with? A few days ago I once again stumbled over them and decided that it is time for an overhaul, which includes the construction of a new unit.

It now has been three years since I finished the last unit of this little force, and when I was looking for some bases, I stumbled over a vehicle of this army which I had started back then but never finished.

Somehow it caught my interest again, so I took the whole army to check the miniatures and tanks for damages and improve some parts I was not satisfied with.

The first two tanks I aquired during an early stage of the project and they still are unchanged. I think they will stay that way. They are not painted in colors of current IDF tanks, but be honest: They look epic, and it would result in a mess did I try to repaint them.

The Merkava: Looks still okay so far and my comrade, who painted the first one with his airbrush, told me that he will have the other three finished somewhen this year.

During those three years, the whole infantry group gathered some dust. But not only that: a few of the guys and girls got some "hair", weird spiderweb-like strings which I can't get rid of even with a toothbrush. I don't know what those are, but the unit isn't that well done that I would spend much time cleaning and repainting them. So I only did some minor improvements and corrections. If I decide to paint more IDF soldiers, they will definitively look better than my last attempts. :-D

But why did I decide to turn back to this project? The reason for that was a Humvee from Revell, who I once aquired together with a conversion kit from ModellTrans.
After three years during which the vehicle was standing around, only half-finished and unused, I stumbled across it and decided to have it finished.
It now only needs some paint in order to be fully finished.

That concludes this update, but there is more to come!

So stay tuned!