Montag, 20. Juli 2015

Qin army construction marathon - Day 1

Hello everyone!

This time I am at home for almost a week, which enables me to be very productive again. Therefore I now announce my 5-day-Qin-army-constuction-marathon.

As I know that normally nothing big would happen regarding my various projects, I am planning to dedicate myself to this project during those 5 days and try to get as far as possible. We will see how far I have come by the end of this week.

Start of the marathon was today - or yesterday night, to be precise. While on TV the heroes of "Ice Age" as well as Zatoichi, the blind Samurai were adventuring through their worlds, I adventured into the ranks of my army.

The start itself was not very intense. There were those shields, originally belonging to the spearmen. I painted their rear, which will be covered by their users later on, to prevent any painting accidents from happening in the future.

Then I continued with those fellows. The shoes of the first group were painted ...

... as well as the shoes of the second group.

After that the two groups got time to dry. I continued the javelinmen and bowmen, which were brought near to the edge of being finished.

First some of their feet were corrected, as they had some flaws, then they were painted and finished.

Next, their trousers and knee protection were painted. First on the small group ...

... then the same was done with the bigger group.

After that I turned my gaze to the miniature bodies and necks.

All Hanfu clothing, scarfs and ornaments were painted in their base colours ...

I had to correct some mistakes, paint the sleeves and hands as well ...

... which concludes the work of today.

We will continue from that point on tomorrow.

So stay tuned!