Dienstag, 21. Juli 2015

Qin army construction marathon - Day 2

Hello everyone!

And welcome to the second day of the Qin-army-construction-marathon.
Yesterday we stopped short of having the javelinmen and bowmen finished, so that was the first group of infantrymen to on with today. First of all I had to correct the necks again.

In addition to that the spear tips of the javelins were painted.

Some corrections to the paint of the clothing were made.

After that the hair was painted. First group first ...

... and then the second one.

Having completed this part, the first highlights were applied, starting with the lower body parts.

In the meantime, my friend (who came over to assist me in painting) started painting the cavalrymen ...

... as well as the chariot crews and the command section of the army.

After I was finished highlighting the lower parts of the infantrymen, I applied a wash to smooth the edges of the different layers of colour, before turning my attention to the bows and quivers of the bowmen.
Following this work step, some details were painted.

That concludes todays update. Work plan for tomorrow: Apply the last washes, correct paint of the uniform and the hair, highlight faces, hair and uniform, paint the bases and put some grass on them.
And hopefully the next group will be ready by the end of the day.#

Until then

Stay tuned!

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