Samstag, 18. Juli 2015

Qin Army Update - Horses and Crossbowmen

Hello everyone!

Another update on the Qin army. This time it is the far biggest update on just one project I ever made. Though it is not much to say, there is a lot to see.

During the last days my comrade worked on some horses while I went on painting the infantrymen.
I managed to finish another bunch of Chinese warriors and I am suprised. How could that happen? I have been a slow painter ever since and now I just completed ten miniature warriors within a few hours ...

Anyway - enjoy the pictures:

The horses:

I still need to fully paint the cavalrymen riding those horses, which will complete our cavalry division sooner or later.

Then we have got the infantrymen:

That concludes this update and brings me closer to having a small, but nevertheless powerful unit of Qin warriors to somewhen participate in the struggle for the reunification of China - or any other clash I might come in.

And whatever might come your way - be cool!

See you on the next update!


  1. Mein lieber Scholli, warst Du produktiv ! Sehen wieder sehr sehr gelungen aus.