Freitag, 14. August 2015

Some new vehicles for EUFOR and another soldier finished

Hello everyone!

It took me some time to find enough space to post another small update. But here it comes.

During the last days I got tired of endlessly painting Chinese warriors, so I decided to do something different. During that time it happened that I needed some new shoes and therefore went to Flensburg to buy some. But when I had bought those shoes, I still got some time and went into a toyshop. I just wanted to look. I WANTED TO LOOK.
Well - when I saw the new miniatures they had I didn't want to look anymore. I wanted to buy.

So I bought ... two Revell "Boxer" sets, one in "Mobile Command Post" configuration, one in APC configuration as well as one Fuchs APC.

Those vehicles will make a nice addition to my EUFOR.

That encouraged me to finish some miniatures, so I went back to the painting table. I tried to do some Chinese, but the whole time I thought about painting some Bundeswehr guys and how they would look in 5-Farb-Flecktarn (thats the "woodland variant").

I choose some guys, did some research and finally came up with an idea. I tried it on 3 miniatures first, but then painted a totally different one.

The test subjects. The middle one didn't come out that great.
I guess I need to decolour this guy and paint him again.

And finally I felt I was ready to try paint an anti-tank soldier, which I bought from my friend and fellow Blogger Black Guardian. I think this fellow looks nice and the camo scheme works. Now I need to improve my painting style to make the different colours more visible. We will see if that works.

That concludes this little update.

The next one is already on its way.

So long!

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