Montag, 7. September 2015

Qin Army Update - at least ... something

Hey everyone,

Sorry I have been silent again for such "a long" time.

I am occupied with much work (again) and there was nothing that would have encouraged me to paint some miniatures or do some work on the tank.

So this time it's more like "at least I have done something" than anything else, but ... it's progress. True story.

Actually I was able to complete the javelinmen section of my Qin army and then started the thrusting spear unit. I originally planned to finish the last few plastic soldiers before starting the metal ones, but I really didn't have the motivation to do so.

Anyway: let's have a look at the pictures:

It clearly shows how the overall outcome of the thrusting spear unit will be, and I really like it. Let's hope the others will turn out that way as well :-D

More to come - at least I hope so

Stay tuned!

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